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Nordic ski trail grooming report – January 26, 2015 (posted 1/26/15)
Pinedale Middle School 2015 Science Fair winners (posted 1/24/15)
Wyoming Legislature update – Jan 23, 2015 (posted 1/24/15)
The Virginian: Man or Myth? (posted 1/22/15)
Health Foundation receives donations to purchase equipment for newborns (posted 1/22/15)
LaBarge Activities’ Committee 1st Annual Coyote Hunt Feb. 7th (posted 1/21/15)

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January 29: Both Pinedale and Marbleton Medical Clinics will close early today - At 2:00 PM for In-Service.
January 30-Feb 8: IPSSSDR - International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race. www.wyomingstagestop.org
January 30 & 31: High School Boys’ Swim meet - At the Pinedale Aquatic Center.
January 31: USA Yoga 2015 Utah/Wyoming Regional Championship - At the Pinedale Auditorium, 1PM. $10 admission. Doors open at 11:30AM. For more info call Wind River Yoga, 307-749-0087.
January 31: Book Talk and Signing for author Toni David - Big Piney Library on Saturday at 1PM. The book is based on her research and belief that character of "The Virginian," the American Cowboy immortalized by Owen Wister in 1902, is based on a real person. The book is entitled "The Virginian: Man or Myth." Books will be available for purchase and autographing, $9.95.

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Scenic photos by Dave Bell

Photos by Dave Bell

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Pinedale Local News

Nordic Ski Trail map courtesy Sublette County Recreation Board.
Nordic Ski Trail map courtesy Sublette County Recreation Board.
Nordic ski trail grooming report – January 26, 2015 (posted 1/26/15)
Report courtesy of Mike Looney, Groomer
Monday, January 26, 9:00AM report: Kelly Park, Kelly Tie-In, Lower Surveyor and Powerline all freshly groomed this morning. All other trails in good condition. Because of the warm temperatures, snow is getting pretty firm in the morning and then softens up as the day goes on. Best skiing probably before noon. Should be really good skiing. This Nordic Ski Trail grooming report is courtesy of the Sublette County Recreation Board. For more information, call or text Mike Looney, 307-360-8488.

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Pinedale Middle School 2015 Science Fair winners (posted 1/24/15)
Best Project in Fair: The Fowl Scoop Katelyn Hayward

Principals Award: Ignition Impossible Toby Covill & Sammy White

Best Visual Display: Hearty Hoofbeats Megan Anspach

People's Choice Award: Into the Future: Hoverboard Quade Saxton, Teagan Pennock

Category Winners

3 Fishy Solution Leo Allison
2 Sodium Chlorite To The Rescue! Cady Eaton
1 Preservatives vs. Bacteria Dana Ramsberg

Animal Science
3 Shoo Dog Ethan Williamson
3 Touchitivity Inez O'Connor
2 Family Fingerprints Maggie Majhanovich
2 Hearty Hoofbeats Megan Anspach
1 Swirlogy Molly Sullivan

Behavioral & Social Science
3 Nosce Te Ipsum Isabel Mitchelson
2 DAF-initely cool! Jorja Warembourg
2 Tattoo Taboo Nora Legerski
1 Music Megamind Mariana Mata, Brooke Hultquist

Energy & Tranportation
3 Fruity Electricity Taylor Jones
2 Dented dynamics Jack Rellstab
1 That Blows Delaney Qualls

Environmental Management
3 Heating Up Chance Stevie
2 Use it Or Lose It Kade Williams
1 The Fowl Scoop Katelyn Hayward

Environmental Science
3 Production Destruction Allison Staten
2 Good bye Dragonfly Thomas Harnack
1 Waves of Worry Tanner Toussaint

Earth and Planetary Sciences
2 Shake Rattle and Roll Jackie Nutt
1 How Much H2O in your Snow Nicole Fluckiger

3 Brownie Fat Attacks Kamber Luster & Kyra Luster
2 Future Feast Ryan Goodrich
1 BPA-Big Packaging Abuse Madison Friend & Teegan Johnson

Cellular and Molecular Biology
1 GMOhhh! Madeline Hemenway & Amanda Adams

3 Crystallized Charles Nichelson
2 Vehicular A-Salt Jasmine Saenz
1 Ignition Impossible Toby Covill & Sammy White

Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical
3 Earthquake Equillibrium Danner Tabler
2 Into the Future: Hoverboard Quade Saxton, Teagan Pennock
1 Power of Bridges Kolten Hansen

Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering
3 A Fraction of Friction Riley Wilson
3 Diaper Dilemma Maddie Deeds
2 A Suit for the Future Liam Fallon
1 Sea Assault Nile Debebe & Trevor Moller

Mathematical Sciences
1 Moon and Your Money McKayla Eaton

Physics and Astronomy
3 Where the Heat Flows Rayne Anderson
3 Magnetism Mix Up Nikki Grover
2 Icy Edges Sydney Ruckman
1 The Perfect Slapshot Clayton Roadifer

Plant Sciences
1 Human Breath Lettuce Death Haleigh Buckendorf

Medicine & Health
3 Pinnochio's Arm Jocelyn David
3 Caffeine Causatum Ashley Staten
2 Rethink Your Drink Natalie Hunt
2 Dominant vs. Non dominant Ashleigh Hultquist
1 Misery Needs Company Kodi Egle & Hannah LaBuda

Wyoming Legislature update – Jan 23, 2015 (posted 1/24/15)
Albert Sommers, House District #20 Representative
Hello Sublette County, this is Albert Sommers reporting from the Capital on Friday afternoon , at the end of the second week of the session. On Thursday, bills passed the House which created a tax for alternative fuels, defined the Jackalope as the state Mythical Creature, and allowed hunters to hold onto limited quota big game tags when they are unable to use for good cause. House Joint Resolutions 1 and 5 also passed the House on Thursday. HJ1, Regulation Freedom, proposes to amend the US Constitution to authorize Congress to approve or disapprove proposed federal regulations, whenever one quarter of the members of the United States House of Representatives or the United States Senate transmits to the President its written declaration of opposition to a proposed federal regulation. I support this effort, even though I know it is unlikely to succeed, because we need more checks and balances on administrative authority. I also voted in favor of HJ5, which increases the age of retirement for judges in Wyoming from 70 to 75 years of age.

On Friday, HB23, which repeals the budget amendment of last session disallowing the State Board from considering the Next Generation Science Standards, passed Second Reading without amendment. As I have already mentioned, I support this bill because the State Board has substantially improved its standard-setting process over the last year. I am also bringing a bill which will statutorily increase public input into standards. Budget footnotes should not be used to create legislation, because they leave the public out of the process, with no opportunity to comment. Budget footnotes have been overused by both the Appropriations Committee and members of the Legislature in general. I hope this will highlight that problem, and slow this usage down. I voted against HB49, which provides confidentiality to individuals involved in administering the death penalty and companies who produce drugs that are used in the death penalty. I believe that we should have transparency in state government, and if we have to hide those involved in the process of the death penalty, then perhaps we should take a look at the validity of the death penalty. The House passed this bill, but not with my vote. A bill also passed the House which will restore the voting rights of non-violent felons.

Medicaid Expansion will be coming to House, and I have not received much feedback from the medical professionals, administrators, or citizens of Sublette County. I think we need to do something to help support Wyoming’s hospitals and mitigate the $211 million in uncompensated care in the state. We also have a population of the working poor that has been locked away from insurance due to the way Obamacare was crafted. Let me know what you think, though I have not seen a defined bill yet.

Toni David has just published her new book about The Virginian. Booksigning on January 31st at the Big Piney Library.
Toni David has just published her new book about The Virginian. Booksigning on January 31st at the Big Piney Library.
The Virginian: Man or Myth? (posted 1/22/15)
New book by Toni David
Sublette County author, Toni David has just had her first book published. It is entitled, "The Virginian: Man or Myth". There will be a talk and book signing on Saturday, January 31st at 1:00PM at the Big Piney Library.

Owen Wister immortalized the American Cowboy in his novel The Virginian: A Horseman of the Plains. The Virginian became the standard by which future western heroes would be modeled.

Did the author actually know a man that inspired his western hero? This is the question that has been debated since the book was first published in1902. What if there was such a man; who was he and why did Owen Wister not acknowledge the man that had influenced one of the most renowned characters of the twentieth century?

Toni David believes there was such a man and endeavors to answer these questions. "I had assumed as many had, that Owen Wister had fabricated his main character, but it took only one sentence from the book The Virginian at Medicine Bow by Glen Barrett to change my mind. Barrett stated that Owen Wister had ridden with the Ora Haley’s Two-Bar Outfit. That one sentence cinched it for me."
"I believe the events in the Virginian were a composite, but Owen Wister’s hero was not. No, Wister didn’t need to build his hero from a mixture of cowboys; because he had found it all in one man."

Books will be available for purchase and autographing at the book signing, $9.95. Books are also available at the Pinedale and Big Piney Office Outlet stores and on Amazon.com.

Health Foundation receives donations to purchase equipment for newborns (posted 1/22/15)
Rural Health Foundation of Sublette County
The Rural Health Foundation of Sublette County is excited to announce the receipt of two generous donations that have furnished the funds needed to complete our latest capital campaign: The Year of the Baby. With the money, the Sublette County Rural Health Care District will be able to purchase biliblankets, bililights, and a home kit for new mothers. These items will allow mothers to bring their babies home when they would otherwise be required to remain in the hospital due to infant jaundice. The District will also purchase a fetal heart monitor.

In addition to the Year of the Baby equipment, the Foundation has provided funds to the Sublette County Emergency Medical Services to purchase a device that measures carbon monoxide levels in firefighters to be used whenever they are battling a blaze or in a mass casualty event. Other benefits that the Foundation has provided to the District include: funding of the Daisy Award that recognizes and rewards outstanding nursing care at the clinics and purchase of Concussion Screening Tests with which school athletes can be assessed for concussions right on the sideline.

The Rural Health Foundation of Sublette County is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports the excellent healthcare programs of the Sublette County Rural Healthcare District and their mission to provide accessible, progressive, patient-focused healthcare in a positive environment. The funding of the equipment and programs that support the Healthcare District are examples of how the Foundation serves to promote and improve patient care services.

The Foundation is actively seeking members of the Board of Directors and volunteers to help with the critical work we are doing in support of healthcare in Sublette County For more information about the Foundation, how to make a contribution, or to join our team, please call or email Donni Toth, PhD, RN, Executive Director at 307-367-4405 or rhfdirector@wyoming.com.

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LaBarge Activities’ Committee 1st Annual Coyote Hunt Feb. 7th (posted 1/21/15)
Labarge Activities’ Committee
The LaBarge Activities’ Committee will be holding their 1st Annual Coyote Hunt on Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 7AM to 7PM. Registration fee is $100 per team. Teams must consist of four members or less. Registration is at the La Barge Dry Creek parking lot the morning of the hunt. Please register with Jenny Brandt, 307-388-0198. Prizes: 1st place, Half the Pot; 2nd place, Predator Call from Cabela’s; 3rd place, 3-Piece Knife Set from Cabela’s.

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