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Pinedale Online > News > January 2018 > Naming the new hospital: Keep it Clear and Unconfusing
Naming the new hospital: Keep it Clear and Unconfusing
by Guest Editorial by Bob Rule
January 10, 2018

I conducted an interview on KPIN Radio with Ann Noble Tuesday morning, where we respectfully disagreed on the concept of naming our new hospital. Ann wanted to honor a distinguished person (Dr. John Montrose) with the name, and I wanted the name to reflect the geographic location of the hospital.

Hospitals frequently are dealing with medical emergencies and time sensitive issues, and the last thing we need is confusion regarding the name of the hospital. Take for example receiving a message that your grandmother was taken to the Mountain View Hospital, and you want to immediately call her or go see her. Most likely you would look for this hospital in Uinta County, Wyoming, in or near the town of Mountain View. Right? Nope! The Mountain View Hospital is located on East 2nd Street in Casper, Wyoming! In my opinion, this was a bad choice for a name of a hospital in Casper… even if you could see Casper Mountain clearly from the hospital.

Likewise, someone trying to call or get to the Montrose Hospital might very well end up half way between Grand Junction and Telluride, Colorado, in the town of Montrose. Or, worse yet, someone visiting here could be urgently trying to look up a Pinedale hospital or a Sublette County hospital, and skip right over Montrose Hospital by thinking that it was not local.

The point I am making is that it should be crystal clear where the hospital is geographically located. I typed in a vote for SUBLETTE COUNTY HOSPITAL for my vote at after clicking the OTHER button on the ballot. I felt that one of the choices, SUBLETTE COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER, sounded like something along the line of the Pinedale Medical Clinic. Calling it "Hospital" clearly makes it obvious that we are talking about a hospital.

But, what about honoring Dr. Montrose for his wonderful service in years gone by here in Sublette County? Let’s name the hospital SUBLETTE COUNTY HOSPITAL, and then dedicate the hospital to Dr. Montrose. There could be a large picture of him in the entrance way, with a sign stating that our hospital has been dedicated to Dr. John W. Montrose in thanks for his years of service in the early days of this part of the West.

Bob Rule
KPIN Radio
Pinedale, Wyoming

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  • Pinedale Online > News > January 2018 > Naming the new hospital: Keep it Clear and Unconfusing

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