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Taking a Bow. Photo by Terry Allen.
Taking a Bow

The Odds are Against Oliver. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Odds are Against Oliver

Sage Albrecht. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sage Albrecht
as Nancy.

Curt Haws . Photo by Terry Allen.
Curt Haws
as Fagin.

Greg Allen and Jocelyn Moore. Photo by Terry Allen.
Greg Allen and Jocelyn Moore
as Mr. Bumble and Widow Corney.

Logan Bing. Photo by Terry Allen.
Logan Bing
as Delivery Boy.

Noah Daniels and Rachel Allen. Photo by Terry Allen.
Noah Daniels and Rachel Allen
Backstage: Rachel as Kid Wrangler, wrangles Orphan Noah in the harsh spirit of the Charles Dickens play.

Scott Kosiba. Photo by Terry Allen.
Scott Kosiba
as Mr. Sowerberry.

Frances Cuprill. Photo by Terry Allen.
Frances Cuprill
Backstage: as Jester.

Matt Daniels. Photo by Terry Allen.
Matt Daniels
as Dr. Grimwig.

What Goes On Between Scenes. Photo by Terry Allen.
What Goes On Between Scenes
At end of each scene, go to changing room, eat Cheezit's, play legos and cutup.

Mark Hennessy. Photo by Terry Allen.
Mark Hennessy
The Director watches his actors take a final bow.
A Pinedale Community Theatre Presentation
by Terry Allen
October 29, 2017

"The thing about great theater is that it crosses boundaries. It doesnít matter that this play takes place in the mid-19th century (1836) England because the themes it touches upon are still important in our current 21st century. Poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, class divisions Ė all are issues we continue to grapple with today. This sounds like fairly dour stuff for a musical. Thatís the beauty of this show. If you take out the music, humor and joy that fill this musical, whatís happening to Oliver, Nancy, the little Thieves, Fagin, and Bill is horribly sad and tragic. But thatís life isnít it? Even in the worst moments of our lives, we still strive to find joy, humor and beauty of life itself. To live life without that abilityÖseems impossible." -Mark Hennessy, Director

In observing the cast and crew work, and in my conversations with them, something else that makes "great theater" became apparent. Talented, dedicated people who practice long and hard under the great support of an experienced director, a group of talented choreographers, musical directors, stage manager, and production staff. It took two months of hard teamwork to bring this production to the community for a three night performance.

If you had visited backstage during both the final dress rehearsal and the final nightís performance you would not have seen actors rushing around in a panic, staff barking orders or anyone in tears. Instead, people were lounging around reading books, looking at their smartphones, eating snacks, playing Legos, or riding unicycles. No one was practicing their lines or doing silent dramatic gestures to an imaginary audience. They all knew their stuff and when a headphone and mic geared Kid Wrangler appeared announcing they were due on stage, they simply put their Gummy Bears down and sauntered toward the stage.

The Artful Dodger (Parker Donaldson) was on his smartphone but wasn't annoyed when I asked what his favorite part of the play was. "I love when I first encounter Oliver," he said. "I get to express myself and my character with my little brother and it leads into one of my favorite songs - Consider Yourself. Everyone is harmonious and in my opinion, it's the funnest dance."

Nancy (Sage Albrecht) said her favorite part is where she gets to save Oliver's life. "Unfortunately, I die as a result," she said.

A humble Oliver (Kyle Donaldson) said "It's not about being best or what part you have, it's about taking part." Oliver posed for a photo with a genuine 5 pound note - the exact same design as existed in 1836 and not discontinued until around 1920 or so. In the play he is bought for 3 pounds and so the folks who buy him get 2 pounds back in change.

I asked Mark Hennessy if he'd pose for a photo and asked how his experience here in Pinedale had been. "Pinedale is one of a kind," he said. "The women involved are the reason this stuff happens. This is the only place I know of this kind. Every time I come back here there is more talent and great support. I don't know if the town knows how much work it takes and how lucky they are. The cast is amazing. Oliver is really a dreadful story at first and the only reason we can bear it is the wonderful teamwork and personal growth we acquire and that makes everybody smile."

Thank you to all cast and crew who allowed me into your work space so I could show the community how you get it done.

Photos may be shared for personal use only, and may not be altered. Your photographer: Terry Allen.

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  • Greg and Jocelyn. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Greg and Jocelyn
    Flirting and Tippling.

    Part of Orchestra. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Part of Orchestra

    Oliver Sings a Song. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Oliver Sings a Song

    Delaney Day. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Delaney Day
    Waits to go on.

    Preslie Simkins. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Preslie Simkins
    Last minute makeup and a snack.

    The Unicycle Gang. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Unicycle Gang

    Nancy Sings. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Nancy Sings

    Artful Dodger Leads Kids in Song and Dance. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Artful Dodger Leads Kids in Song and Dance

    Katie Smith. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Katie Smith
    In charge of the drums.

    All Eyes on David Dyer . Photo by Terry Allen.
    All Eyes on David Dyer

    Mrs. Sowerberry and Oliver. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Mrs. Sowerberry and Oliver

    Stars Backstage. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Stars Backstage

    Oliver and Mr. Bumble. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Oliver and Mr. Bumble

    Receiving the Books. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Receiving the Books

    Mae Orm Coming Off Stage. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Mae Orm Coming Off Stage
    Ask her what happened.

    An Uncanny Resemblance. Photo by Terry Allen.
    An Uncanny Resemblance

    Judge Curt Haws as Fagin. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Judge Curt Haws as Fagin
    Watches from backstage.

    Riders on the Stage. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Riders on the Stage

    Cast Practice Schedule. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Cast Practice Schedule
    Two months of just one reason why the performances were such a success.

    The Menacing Bill Sikes and Oliver. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Menacing Bill Sikes and Oliver

    Actresses and Seamstresses. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Actresses and Seamstresses
    Miranda and KaLee can sew top hats, stuffed animals for little brothers and anything else you can think of. They have years of experience.

    Cell Phones Come Out. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Cell Phones Come Out

    Which is Sweeter?. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Which is Sweeter?

    Dave the Sound Monkey. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Dave the Sound Monkey

    3 Pounds for the Boy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    3 Pounds for the Boy
    and 2 pounds back out of the original 5 pound note.

    Madeleine Takes Down the Set. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Madeleine Takes Down the Set

    Mark Hennessy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Mark Hennessy
    The Play Director.

    Ian McCusker. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Ian McCusker
    Backstage after the play.

    Valerie Lee. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Valerie Lee
    Welcomes everyone to the play.

    Oliver and Cassidy. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Oliver and Cassidy
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