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Pinedale Online > News > June 2017 > Pinedale High Water and Flooding Update

Rev. Jami Anderson. Photo by Terry Allen.
Rev. Jami Anderson
"I'm not worried, there is still some distance yet to go up."

Pine Creek Falls. Photo by Terry Allen.
Pine Creek Falls
Up at the old power plant.

Jenna and Timpie. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jenna and Timpie
"The water is cold but we caught some minnows."

Jim Mitchell. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jim Mitchell
Pinedale High Water and Flooding Update
by Terry Allen
June 22, 2017

Thought I'd write 22,000 words in picture form and see how you all liked it. That's 22 pictures times 1000 words (a picture is worth a thousand words).

The only picture my plan doesn't seem to work on is Jim Mitchell's picture. He's our Emergency Management Coordinator for Sublette County, so I'll add a few more words.

There are 5 computer monitors on his desk and two smart phones. He also has radios/scanners of course. Jim's fingers flew like a piano maestro on a keyboard that could access all 5 screens. While I was there Jim showed me fresh satellite images of road washouts, potential washouts, high water readings at various places in the county. He gets a water height reading for all locations every 15 minutes. He can zoom in on the leaning aspen tree north of Harmony bridge which is a threat to tubers and other recreational water users.

Another reason creek and river use is restricted is the bridge clearance. With only a foot...more or less of clearance, drift boats, tubers and others could find themselves in a bad situation in a hurry. Jim asks that all boaters on lakes or hikers along streams to call in trees and other floating debris that could be a safety hazard.

Take a look at the big water coming out of Fremont lake dam. Jim said, right now water is coming out at 2932 cubic feet per second. That is like 2932 basketballs coming at you in one second. No matter what kind of a superman you think you can't handle that.

Jim asks that everyone sign up for the Sublette County Citizen Emergency Notification System. You can access the notifications to your computer and also your smart phone. If you screen calls like I do, the number that will call you is 307-200-4366. Here is the link:

You can also become a member of There is some great information there and great videos from around the county.

Brady Gay. Photo by Terry Allen.
Brady Gay
"We can't do all our mowing at Boyd Skinner Park at the Quartz street entry due to flooding."

Driver Wisdom. Photo by Terry Allen.
Driver Wisdom
Ken Hartwig and Micaela say: "If you don't want to drown, turn around."

The Skipper Scooter Gang. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Skipper Scooter Gang
Can't go north on the trail from Harmony Bridge. The high water is keeping these guys from catching bullheads.

South Tyler Bridge. Photo by Terry Allen.
South Tyler Bridge

Lower Boyd Skinner Park. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lower Boyd Skinner Park

Irrigation Ditch Falls. Photo by Terry Allen.
Irrigation Ditch Falls

Over the Top at Fremont Lake. Photo by Terry Allen.
Over the Top at Fremont Lake

Sublette County Maintenance. Photo by Terry Allen.
Sublette County Maintenance
"We kept getting calls so we figured we better come up and take a look."

Fremont Dam. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fremont Dam

Fremont Dam. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fremont Dam

Fremont Dam. Photo by Terry Allen.
Fremont Dam

Lakeside Lodge. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lakeside Lodge
Beautiful Buzz City. Mosquitoes held the ground.

Hot Fishing Spot. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hot Fishing Spot
Paradise Road in Boulder. "The fish were jumping like crazy last night."

Big Water in Boulder. Photo by Terry Allen.
Big Water in Boulder

Confluence of Pine Creek and New Fork. Photo by Terry Allen.
Confluence of Pine Creek and New Fork
Behind Questar and 4-H Building.

Ridley's James and Flood Food. Photo by Terry Allen.
Ridley's James and Flood Food
Muddy Buddies keep a photographer going especially when the manager gives me a discount on the already discounted price.

Hydrant Art. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hydrant Art
Lowers the lake a little bit;-) and cleans out the lines.

Pinedale Natural Gas. Photo by Terry Allen.
Pinedale Natural Gas
"All lines and taps are high and dry. No problem with infiltration."
Pinedale Online > News > June 2017 > Pinedale High Water and Flooding Update

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