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Pinedale Online > News > June 2017 > Classic Car and Truck Show at Napa

'65 Pontiac Tempest. Photo by Terry Allen.
'65 Pontiac Tempest
Owned by Ryan Linnemeyer

'72 Chev C-10 and Trailer. Photo by Terry Allen.
'72 Chev C-10 and Trailer
Jason owns the truck and his Mom owns the trailer.

Thomas Mack's 1920 Mitchell. Photo by Terry Allen.
Thomas Mack's 1920 Mitchell
Classic Car and Truck Show at NAPA
by Terry Allen
June 14, 2017

Every year Ryan Linnemeyer of NAPA Auto Parts asks a few of his friends if they'd like to bring the classic vehicles they are proud of to his car show.

This year instead of the rain we got last year, we got cool dark clouds for some dramatic photos.

First thing that caught my eye was the entry that Jason and his Mom co-own. A nice '72 Chev C-10 and horse trailer.

Joe Murdock has only been working on his '58 Chev truck for a couple years, but has plans.

Tyler Welsh has had his '70 Stingray for 10 years. Got it from Arizona. It's the 1st year of the 454 390 horse engine.

I bought a '69 Stingray on my 21st birthday and have never forgotten it. I was in the army then and it seemed like everyone bought one with their first paycheck. Credit was easy in those days.

Audie Welsh and I talked about getting pulled over at high speeds at certain points in our reckless youth...and the kind understanding of the officers involved. Must have been admirers of fine horse flesh. He has the '80 Z-28.

Sorry I missed a few vehicles and interviews, but I sure did enjoy the show.

Jason and Mom. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jason and Mom
In the cab of the '72 Chev C-10.

'80 Z-28. Photo by Terry Allen.
'80 Z-28
Owned by Audie Welsh.

'70 Corvette Stingray. Photo by Terry Allen.
'70 Corvette Stingray
Owned by Tyler Welsh.

'63 Vette. Photo by Terry Allen.
'63 Vette
Owned by Ryan Linnemeyer.

Dramatic Shot. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dramatic Shot
Sorry I missed the owner and details on this truck, but at least I got a dramatic shot.

Lots of Room to Work on it. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lots of Room to Work on it
Anyone else love the easy access?

'58 Chev 327. Photo by Terry Allen.
'58 Chev 327
Owned by Joe Murdock.
Pinedale Online > News > June 2017 > Classic Car and Truck Show at Napa

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