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Pinedale Online > News > May 2017 > Volunteers sought for Sublette County internet access speed tests
Volunteers sought for Sublette County internet access speed tests
May 9, 2017

The County and Towns of Sublette have embarked on a program to determine current capabilities of internet access in the county/towns in order to better understand the actual situation and then develop short and long term plans for improvement.

In order to determine current conditions throughout the county and within the towns, volunteers are needed to conduct up to 5 random sets of speed tests and 1 coordinated pre-set speed test on Wednesday May 17th, 2017 at 5:30 pm.

Researchers need to have as many people as possible run a speed test simultaneously on the May 17th at 5:30pm in order to determine if there may be backhaul congestion to/from the County.

Names of participants are needed, but that information will not be used when providing test results.

• Next to name and address please identify if the location is a residence or a business. Address information is needed to know which Census Block participants are located in.
• For each series of tests researchers need to know the address from which the test is being done as well as the participant’s current service provider’s name and if possible the speed for which was contracted – such as 5Mb/s download with 1Mb/s upload. If you do not know your contracted speed it may be listed on your bill.
• If you have two service providers – one for telephone and one for internet access, researchers need to know which service provider is for the internet access. If one service provider is used for both then, obviously, we need to know that company name.

Researchers would like up to 5 random tests plus the preplanned one on May 17th. Please only do one (1) sheet per a given residence or business.

The speed test data input form provides the speed test links for your service provider and a national speed test link.
• Please use the speed test address/URL for your service provider first and note the results – then use the off-net speed test address/URL immediately after using your service provider’s and note those results.

Connection to Internet and Test Protocol
• If at all possible have the computer directly connected to the modem or to an open port on the router/WiFi router. Note this on the speed test form.
o If you can’t connect directly to the modem or router/WiFi router then use your wireless. Note this on the speed test form.
• Please, Please do not have any other device or TV accessing the internet during the test.

We have provided samples of how we would like the data provided back to us.
The most important results we need are date, time, download speed, upload speed and latency but we would like to have info for the other fields as well.
• If you don't know your contracted internet speed it may be shown on your monthly bill. If you don't know it or can't find it - leave the entry blank.
• If the speed test server does not provide its location then leave the entry blank.

Click on the links below for the speed test forms:
Speed test instructions letter
Speed test form (Excel file - revised 5/11/17)
Speed test form (PDF - revised 5/11/17)

Please return the speed test form to one of the below:
Drop off at the Chamber offices in Pinedale – 19 E Pine Street
Drop off at Big Piney Town Hall
Drop off at Marbleton Town Hall

To learn more about broadband in general go to

Pinedale Online > News > May 2017 > Volunteers sought for Sublette County internet access speed tests

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