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Pinedale Online > News > March 2017 > Pre-Flooding advisory – be prepared
Pre-Flooding advisory – be prepared
by Sublette County Emergency Management
March 17, 2017

SUBLETTE COUNTY, WYOMING, March 17, 2017: According to the National Weather Service office in Riverton, temperatures throughout Sublette County are expected to rise considerably this week compared to previous weeks. Most areas have received well-above-average snowfall this Winter, leading to an increased potential for flooding as snowmelt begins to affect snow in the lower elevations.

Many areas can expect to have localized flooding in the valleys as snow melts, causing saturated soil and pooling near low-lying areas. Homes with basements may experience basement flooding, largely due to subsurface water seeping through basement walls, and collecting in window wells.

As warmer temperatures begin to affect the upper elevations, this can dramatically increase flow rates in rivers and streams. Waterways are being monitored continuously for flood risk in populated areas.

Sublette County Emergency Management will be focused mainly on critical infrastructure protection. We are also coordinating with local municipalities to ensure that needed resources are on hand.

Stay informed
Residents are encouraged to stay informed by monitoring the National Weather Service - Riverton forecast office (, radio, and social media @Sublette County Emergency Management. SCEMA will give updates as situations change throughout the area.

Prepare your home
If you know that you are at risk of flooding, it is imperative that you take early action to protect your home and property before the flooding begins. Move equipment and valuable items to higher ground, create barriers, and have flood insurance if you live in the floodplain. Have supplies and tools on hand to make additional provisions if needed. Ultimate responsibility for homes and property lies with the owner.

If you are affected by flooding
If flooding occurs in basements, pumps may be used to force water back outside your home, and to mitigate further damage to property. Channel water away from your home by digging trenches or using barriers, these are all responsibilities of the property owner.

Report major flooding through Sublette County Sheriff’s Office dispatch at (307)367-4378 or Sublette County Emergency Management at (307)367-2284

Empty sandbags and sand for Big Piney/Marbleton and surrounding areas will be available to the public at the Marbleton Town Hall, on the east side of the building. Empty sandbags and sand, in the Pinedale Area, are located at 321 S Sublette Ave in Pinedale. Soon there will be sand and Sandbags at the Bondurant Elementary School. Please sign out the number of bags that you take and fill.

Advisory - An advisory is an informational statement. Advisories give a "heads up" to help you know what may be possible in the short term so that you can take it into account when planning your daily activities.
Watch - A watch is issued when conditions are favorable for a significant weather event. When a watch is in effect, you should prepare yourself for in case action needs to be taken during an event.
Warning - Warnings are issued when a severe weather event is occurring or is imminent. This signifies the time to take immediate action.

For additional information, contact:
Jim Mitchell, Sublette County Emergency Management Agency
SCSO Dispatch 307-367-4378 or SCEMA 307-367-2284

Pinedale Online > News > March 2017 > Pre-Flooding advisory – be prepared

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