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Pinedale Online > News > February 2017 > Keeping Tradition Alive

Corey, Tony and Dexter. Photo by Terry Allen.
Corey, Tony and Dexter
From the barn to the hitching area.

Dexter Hitching Up Tony. Photo by Terry Allen.
Dexter Hitching Up Tony

Walking Down the Hill. Photo by Terry Allen.
Walking Down the Hill
Keeping Tradition Alive
by Terry Allen
February 7, 2017

I ran into Dexter Smith the other day and he invited me up to the Pole Creek Ranch Bed and Breakfast he and his wife Carol run. He thought I might like to take a few pictures of him and Corey Caswell hitching Emi's draft horse Tony up to a Stone Bolt for a little training exercise.

A Stone Bolt is a wooden sleigh pulled behind a horse. Dexter built it a few decades ago, and uses it in deep snow to get out to feed his stock. It's a lot more stable in deep snow than a snow machine.

Corey calls Tony a gentle giant. "He is so quiet a five year old kid could ride him, no problem," he said. "He doesn't even need a bit."

They hitched Tony up and walked him down the steep hill and then invited me aboard. I held on as I shot because I had learned my lesson two years ago at the fair when I was invited aboard during a Stone Boat competition and the sled jerked so hard at the start that I did a complete summersault off the back.

This time the ride was both uneventful and enjoyable. After we took a run down to the end of the lane and back, Dexter unharnessed Tony and stood on his toes to lift all the gear onto a hook in the barn. "Sure is a lot of leather," he said. I asked him what breed Tony was. "I think he is half-quarter and half-draft and about 15 years old, but you'll have to ask Emi to know for sure."

As we were finishing up, a family from Slovakia arrived to give their little girl a horse ride...but we'll save that story for another time. I'll just say...the photos are adorable.

If you'd like to visit a real working ranch and bed and breakfast, here's the link: Pole Creek Ranch Bed & Breakfast Facebook page

Riding Back Up. Photo by Terry Allen.
Riding Back Up

Tony Giving a Good Rub on Hitching Rail. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tony Giving a Good Rub on Hitching Rail

Hanging Leather. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hanging Leather

Out to Feed. Photo by Terry Allen.
Out to Feed
Pinedale Online > News > February 2017 > Keeping Tradition Alive

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