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Moose out front. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Moose out front
Photo by Pinedale Online!
Give wildlife room
by Wyoming Game & Fish
February 4, 2017

PINEDALE Ė Wyoming Game and Fish officials are asking residents in the Jackson, Wilson and Pinedale areas to be aware and show patience with moose and other wildlife that often show up in residential areas during the winter months.

The Pinedale Game and Fish office typically receives numerous calls from concerned citizens about moose and other wildlife in residential areas, prompting them to offer advice on how to avoid problems with these animals. This winter has been a bit more problematic due to the amount of snow the area has received.

"It really is a matter of simply being aware and giving animals plenty of room," said Jon Stephens, North Jackson Game Warden for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. "We often donít expect to see these animals in our neighborhood or developed areas, but this time of year we should be more cognizant of that possibility."

Wildlife officials are asking residents to be wary and exhibit patience when encountering wildlife. "Generally, these animals are not going to pose a threat to anyone as long as we give them their space, control our pets around them and so on," said Stephens. "However, if an animal is charging people or posing a threat, we want to know about it and we will respond."

Wildlife officials acknowledge that wildlife, such as moose, can be potentially dangerous and offer these tips to avoid a conflict:
- Be especially watchful during times of low light. Moose can be difficult to see at night.
- Look for tracks or other signs of moose on trails, pathways, or around houses
- Never crowd an animal or surround it
- Always allow an animal an escape route
- Always control pets while walking them and make sure there are no wildlife around before letting animals out of the house.
- View and photograph animals from a distance.

Similarly, Game and Fish officials are also asking area motorists to be wary and exhibit patience to avoid collisions with wildlife.

"Wildlife are regularly using area roadways this time of year and can be especially hard to see in low light situations," says Stephens. "We really need to slow down and give ourselves plenty of braking distance, especially on potentially slick roads. This is a stressful time for all wildlife and we need to give them room, whether itís in the backcountry or our own backyard."

Pinedale Online > News > February 2017 > Give wildlife room

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