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Pinedale Online > News > January 2017 > The Wyoming Athlete Development (WAD) Powerlifting Open

John Mastin. Photo by Terry Allen.
John Mastin
John came all the way from Cheyenne to compete.

Hailey Harber. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hailey Harber
Hailey lives by Viking Law

Hannah Mivshek. Photo by Terry Allen.
Hannah Mivshek
Supported by family and friends from Pinedale

Claudio. Photo by Terry Allen.
The spotter.

The Viking Pose. Photo by Terry Allen.
The Viking Pose
Thanks for being a sport, Hailey and helping me make some art.

Jared Wilson. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jared Wilson
Makes it look easy because the effort doesn't show on his face.
The WAD Powerlifting Open
Wyoming Athlete Development in Pinedale
by Terry Allen
January 15, 2017

Sarah Walker from Star Valley came to Pinedale Saturday to compete in the nationally sanctioned powerlifting event put on by WAD (Wyoming Athlete Development). Sarah weighs about 75 pounds and had 75 kilos (165 pounds) on the bar but wasn't able to finish the lift according to the national rule book and got red-lighted.

Hailey Harber has only been lifting 8 weeks but says she is glad she got started. "I just wanted to get stronger," she said. "But it has already done more for me mentally than physically." When pressed for specific's she said, "It has made me a more patient Mother."

Manny has been powerlifting a year and said he did a 305 pound squat, a 210 bench and a 370 pound deadlift.

Big John Mastin of Cheyenne, who makes wonderful faces when he lifts, has only been powerlifting for a year and came in second place in the deadlift, not quite able to lock-out at 601 pounds.

National Champion Kelli Hoopes lives in Afton with her husband and they have a gym there. She has been doing crossfit for 5 years, but powerlifting for only a year. When I asked her why she did it, she responded, "I just like feeling strong."

Hailey Harber prepared for the meet by watching a Vikings movie the night before and doing her hair Viking style. She did such a good job, I had to give her a little extra page space.

Stafford and Josette Polk live in Big Piney. Josette has been lifting a year and at this meet set a new state record of 281 pounds.

Doug Wellemeyer has been lifting for nine years. He had been in jail, but nine years ago when he got out, the cop that arrested him gave him a 90 day gym membership. "January 9th this year marks 9 years I have been clean and sober," said Doug.

Adam Clinton won the event with a lift of 601 pounds. "I didn't know where I was going to float," said Adam. "My first 2 lifts felt heavy. I didn't know my last lift was going to pull that easy."

Alejandra Rice came over from Worland with her coach Randall Homan. Alejandra is 14 years old and set 3 records.

Andrew Zook and his wife Jen are the owners of WAD (Wyoming Athlete Development) in Pinedale and Andrew said a few words after the event. "The WAD Powerlifting Open was a complete success, but there is no way it could have happened without all of the outstanding help that donated their Saturday to make it happen. I want to thank the table staff that took a brand new program and made it work well-Jennifer Zook, Erika Tokarz, Amy Knotts. The hardest job at a Powerlifting meet is the spotting and loading- Bryan Coltharp, Kris Searles, Mike Smith, Claudio Martinez. You guys did spectacular! Mike Waller the best undiscovered MC around, he now has a permanent Job for Meets. My door staff Sierra Hattan, Madison Zook, Zach Maxam (the heavy hitting bouncers). I also want to thank Carl Lovell and Derek Lang for being so willing to referee with me, a solid group! I want to express my appreciation for the friends, family and residents of Sublette County for coming to support all the Athletes. Powerlifting is an ever growing sport that fosters self improvement and a competitive environment. Let's keep it growing!!"

I'll post the results sheets as soon as I receive them.

Thanks to all the competitors for letting me take your photograph. Thanks to Dawn at Pinedale Online for sponsoring this story.
You may use images off the story for your personal use. I sell hi-rez and print images at family friendly prices.

If I made a mistake anywhere, please let me know.

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  • Lifting More Than Her Weight. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Lifting More Than Her Weight
    Sarah Walker illustrates lifting more than her own weight with friend Emma Walker from Star Valley.

    Victor . Photo by Terry Allen.
    Manny puts himself on the scoreboard.

    Kelli Hoopes. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Kelli Hoopes
    1st in USA in 52 kilo Open Raw. 3rd in world in same.

    Invanko the Terrible. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Invanko the Terrible
    100 kilo times 2 plus...

    Adam Clinton. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Adam Clinton

    Adam Clinton. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Adam Clinton
    Men's winner at 601 pounds.

    Kodee. Photo by Terry Allen.
    If there is a horse around, Kodee will find it.

    Hands in Talc. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hands in Talc
    Becky Thoman prepares her hands for gripping the steel bar.

    Hailey Harber. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hailey Harber
    I think I might have to do some Hollywood Heroine photographs. Ladies?

    Hannah Mivshek. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Hannah Mivshek
    Gets a spot from Claudio.

    Weight Lifting Day Care. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Weight Lifting Day Care

    Stafford Polk. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Stafford Polk
    From Big Piney

    The Crowd. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Crowd

    The Rules. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Rules

    Doug Wellemeyer. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Doug Wellemeyer
    At the end of the day the drama shows more deeply in the faces of the competitors.
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