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Pinedale Online > News > January 2017 > The Big Blow

Antique Oshkosh Snow Blower. Photo by Terry Allen.
Antique Oshkosh Snow Blower
Stuck South of Pinedale

No Good Deed.... Photo by Terry Allen.
No Good Deed...
Got stuck trying to pull another vehicle out of a drift. Now needs help.

It was in the Open Last Night. Photo by Terry Allen.
It was in the Open Last Night
The Big Blow - Updated
by Terry Allen
January 30, 2017

Today is Monday, January 30, 2017 and some Sublette County residents have not yet been able to get out of their more remote homes. Most seem to have been freed Sunday, but several in Boulder have not been able to report to work.

I spoke with David Smith who had spent a good part of the weekend on his tractor removing drifts and freeing folks from their homes. "This is just a normal winter," he said. "We just haven't had one for about 25 years. We are just getting started. There are two months of winter left. We could have another half-dozen storms just like the last one."

I took a drive up Soda Lake road, then back down thru the neighborhoods, the new elementary school, BLM and other buildings trying to gauge the snow depth, and what their position would be when the snow melts.

A long time ago the Army Corps of Engineers designated the area a flood plain. Whether it is still designated as such, I don't know, but it will still be a big catch basin once it gets warm.

Story question: Does anyone know the year of the old Oshkosh Snow Blower truck?

Lacy Maher Hicks who lives out in Green River Ranches sent in a few words and photos to include in this story.
"We have a ton of snow and with this wind it's been a brutal winter," said Lacy. "We have set up our own winter snow removal as we get no assistance from the county.
Many people park on the highway and snow mobile in and out."
Thanks, Lacy!

Photos by Terry Allen,

Cleaning Up Roads. Photo by Terry Allen.
Cleaning Up Roads
Many civilians out with their plowing vehicles.

Blair Road Residence. Photo by Terry Allen.
Blair Road Residence

Blair Road. Photo by Terry Allen.
Blair Road
Finally dug out Sunday afternoon.

Rail Fence and Plowed Snow Line. Photo by Terry Allen.
Rail Fence and Plowed Snow Line

Clearing Road to the Haystack. Photo by Terry Allen.
Clearing Road to the Haystack

Blair Road. Photo by Terry Allen.
Blair Road

Road Toward Wind River Range. Photo by Terry Allen.
Road Toward Wind River Range

Kautza Wildlife Creations. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kautza Wildlife Creations
Have weathered many a blizzard

Kurt Covert's Plow Truck. Photo by Kurt Covert.
Kurt Covert's Plow Truck
Truck might be stuck till spring.

Buried House. Photo by Lacy Hicks.
Buried House
Green River Ranches

From the Truck Cab. Photo by Lacy Hicks.
From the Truck Cab
Green River Ranches

Kautza Wildlife Sticking up out of the Snow. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kautza Wildlife Sticking up out of the Snow
Mike and Joe travel the world building big pieces.
Pinedale Online > News > January 2017 > The Big Blow

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