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Pinedale Online > News > January 2017 > Rocky Mountain Power works to help customers manage high winter bills
Rocky Mountain Power works to help customers manage high winter bills
by Rocky Mountain Power
January 23, 2017

Rocky Mountain Power has some helpful tips to prevent high electricity bills when the temperatures get low. Because energy use is very sensitive to temperature in both winter and summer, high bill questions from customers tend to occur whenever extreme weather occurs.

Customers often contact the company concerning monthly bills during severe winter temperatures. It’s a particular issue for those customers with all-electric homes that use baseboard and electric water heating, or those customers who use portable electric heaters for extended periods.

Other energy use in the home is also a factor in winter. These can include electric fireplaces or engine-block heaters for cars and trucks. Customers should also remember that the electric fan for gas furnaces runs significantly more in extreme cold.

Customers can call Rocky Mountain Power toll-free at 1-888-221-7070 any time they have a question. For high bill questions, the company can review the history of their account. Even if they’ve been there only a short time, the company can usually look up the annual usage for that location to determine what the seasonal variations are.

If there’s a pattern that’s truly unusual, the company works with the customer to find the answer. This might include verifying the meter reading is accurate, or checking the meter to make sure it’s working correctly. Most meters are read remotely these days, which has proved to be very accurate and efficient. Rocky Mountain Power also has billing options and payment programs that may be helpful in these situations. Customers might consider equal pay as an option.

Rocky Mountain Power’s website has information on billing and tips on energy efficiency and programs for cash incentives to improve a home’s energy performance.

Billing information and options:

Energy efficiency incentives:

Financial assistance:

Rocky Mountain Power strives to be a low-cost energy provider to customers in Wyoming. Customer prices are regulated by the Wyoming Public Service Commission. The company must make a request for any change in rates or charges, and the request must pass a thorough review by state utility experts. The company’s profits are also capped at a specific percentage.

The most recent general rate increase for Rocky Mountain Power customers in Wyoming was completed in January 2016 after an eight-month review. Residential prices increased 3 percent, or about $2.40 on a typical monthly bill. Also in 2016, two adjustments for the cost of fuel and purchased power decreased the typical monthly residential bill a total of 25 cents.

Pinedale Online > News > January 2017 > Rocky Mountain Power works to help customers manage high winter bills

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