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Pinedale Online > News > November 2016 > Turkey Trot and Turkey Idioms

Maike Tan and Baloo. Photo by Terry Allen.
Maike Tan and Baloo
Baloo chose to dress as a turkey in a fur muffler.

Turkey on the Lam. Photo by Terry Allen.
Turkey on the Lam
Shy turkey didn't want her name used, so obviously The Prez. didn't grant her a pardon.

Tara and Scout. Photo by Terry Allen.
Tara and Scout
Scout shows off her turkey hunting coon skin cap.
Turkey Trot and Turkey Idioms
by Terry Allen
November 24, 2016

About 150 Turkey Trotters gathered at Craig and Ellen Sheppard's house as they have for many years. This year was the 26th running of the Turkey Trot in Pinedale.

It was a clear and cold morning and the course was very slippery. The leaders all had difficulty maintaining traction in the turns, but no injuries were reported.

Patricia Washburn of Obo's had suggested to me some time ago that it would be fun to ask people the meaning of idioms for particular occasions. This seemed like a good time to try it out. "Idiom: a group of words established by usage as having meaning not deducible from those of the individual words."

David Rule, 2nd place finisher of the race picked Jive Turkey. "I just thought it was a term the whole ski team used to call Will. I thought it was a hip phrase." Def: often applied to people being funny or showy.

Joseph Debebe picked Couch Turkey. "Maybe it is a lap dog that doesn't want to go outside." Def: A psychiatrist; a psychoanalyst.

Craig Sheppard picked Turkey Shoot. "I think it is when a group of people go out target practicing and the one with the best score wins a turkey." Def: A situation, typically in a war where one side has an overwhelming advantage.

Reese Noble chose to define Talk Turkey. "I think it might be when a person makes no sense." Def: To talk serious business.

Roxanna Jensen chose Cold Turkey. "I think it is when you do something without preparation." Def: The abrupt and complete cessation of taking a drug to which one is addicted.

Maybe next year I'll ask everyone what they think Thanksgiving means to the turkey. Get ready...

Apologies to 3rd place finisher Judy Vitolo. My camera lens froze and your photo was a blur.

A full result sheet will be inserted as soon as we get it from Craig. In the meantime, these are the top finishers in each class.

1. Brandon Swenson from Evergreen, CO
2. David Rule from Pinedale
3. Kris Holmes from Pinedale

1. Channing Winters from Pinedale
2. Jolee Springman from Pinedale
3. Judy Vitolo from Pinedale

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  • Alan Blackburn. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Alan Blackburn
    Flying his colors.

    Joseph Debebe. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Joseph Debebe

    David Rule and Brandon Swenson. Photo by Terry Allen.
    David Rule and Brandon Swenson

    Reese Noble. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Reese Noble

    The Start. Photo by Terry Allen.
    The Start

    Jolee Springman. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Jolee Springman

    Channing Winters. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Channing Winters

    Unknown Trotter. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Unknown Trotter

    Craig Starts the Race. Photo by Terry Allen.
    Craig Starts the Race
    Pinedale Online > News > November 2016 > Turkey Trot and Turkey Idioms

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