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Pinedale Online > News > November 2016 > Storm snowfall totals
Storm snowfall totals
by National Weather Service
November 28, 2016

Below are snowfall totals for western Wyoming from 1AM Sunday, Nov. 26 until 5AM Monday morning, Nov. 27. The heaviest snow and most of these accumulations occurred Sunday afternoon and evening.

Location, Snowfall amount
Fremont County

Brooks Lake, 3.1 inches
Burroughs Creek SNOTEL, 2 inches

Lincoln County
Commissary Ridge, 16 inches
Spring Creek Divide SNOTEL, 8 inches
Willow Creek SNOTEL, 8 inches
Blind Bull Summit, 7 inches
Cottonwood Creek SNOTEL, 7 inches
Indian Creek SNOTEL, 5 inches
Kelley Ranger Station SNOTEL, 4 inches
Blind Bull Summit SNOTEL, 4 inches
Salt River Summit SNOTEL, 3 inches
Hams Fork SNOTEL, 2 inches
Box Y Ranch, 2 inches.

Sublette County
Triple Peak SNOTEL, 8 inches
Snider Basin SNOTEL, 5 inches
Pocket Creek SNOTEL, 4 inches
Big Sandy Opening SNOTEL, 4 inches
Loomis Park SNOTEL, 3 inches
Gunsite Pass SNOTEL, 2 inches
Elkhart Park G.S. SNOTEL, 2 inches
New Fork Lake SNOTEL, 2 inches
Larsen Creek SNOTEL, 1 inch
East Rim Divide SNOTEL, 1 inch

Teton County
Jackson Hole - Rendezvous Bowl, 19 inches
Jackson Hole Raymer, 17 inches
Jackson Hole - Mid Mountain, 16 inches
Grand Targhee - Chief Joseph, 14 inches
Grand Targhee SNOTEL, 14 inches
Grassy Lake SNOTEL, 10 inches
Phillips Bench SNOTEL, 8 inches
Snow King, 7 inches
Jackson Hole Base, 6.5 inches
Togwotee Mountain Lodge, 6.1 inches
Snake River Stn SNOTEL, 5 inches
Togwotee Pass SNOTEL, 5 inches
Granite Creek SNOTEL, 4 inches
Gros Ventre Summit SNOTEL, 2 inches

Yellowstone National Park
Lewis Lake Divide SNOTEL, 5 inches
Sylvan Road SNOTEL, 4 inches
Sylvan Lake SNOTEL, 3 inches
Two Ocean Plateau SNOTEL, 2 inches
Canyon SNOTEL, 1 inch
Thumb Divide SNOTEL, 1 inch

Pinedale Online > News > November 2016 > Storm snowfall totals

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