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Pinedale Online > News > October 2016 > Town of Pinedale update Watch out for pedestrians and deer

Town of Pinedale. Photo by Town of Pinedale.
Town of Pinedale
Town of Pinedale update Watch out for pedestrians and deer
by Town of Pinedale
October 13, 2016

Since school has been back in session, the streets have quieted down but there still are pedestrians, and cyclists using the streets, sidewalks and crosswalks. Drivers are to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians within a crosswalk. This is a state statute in Wyoming. Please slow down and be mindful of where the crosswalks are located and if a pedestrian is or intends on using it. There are many children that go to the Sublette County Library and Wrangler Park after their school day concludes. There is a crosswalk between the two on South Tyler Avenue. Many times, children dart out into the street at this crosswalk just accessing the facilities. The speed limit on all side streets is 20 mph and 25 mph on most of Pine Street, and if you are at that limit, you should have sufficient view and stopping distance for all pedestrians, and cyclists.

Another reason to maintain a lawful speed is the abundant wildlife in Town and the surrounding areas. A few tips for driving in the fall and winter from the Wyoming Highway Patrol website are:

-- If you observe wildlife on the road, stop as safely as possible without swerving. Swerving could cause the driver to lose control, leave the road or head into oncoming traffic.
-- Always wear your seat belt as its your best defense for crash-related injuries or death.
-- If one animal is crossing the roadway, there may be others;
-- Be observant; a sudden flash of brake lights ahead of you may signal that wildlife is present;
-- If you observe animals along the roadway at night, use your hazard lights to warn oncoming traffic;
-- Turn on your headlights during the day, and use the high beams of your headlights at night where possible and watch for the glowing eyes of animals;
-- If you should collide with or see a large dead animal in the road, please call the Wyoming Highway Patrol and report it;
-- And remember, deer dont run backwards. If a collision is inevitable, aim at the rear of the animal with your vehicle. There's a chance the animal may move out of your path before the collision occurs.

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