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Pinedale Online > News > March 2016 > A Gorilla Went Knock Knock

Baylee Henn. Photo by Terry Allen.
Baylee Henn

Addy Levitt. Photo by Terry Allen.
Addy Levitt

Shanelle Deal. Photo by Terry Allen.
Shanelle Deal

Case Ingle. Photo by Terry Allen.
Case Ingle

Oz Koci. Photo by Terry Allen.
Oz Koci
A Gorilla Went Knock Knock
by Terry Allen
March 31, 2016

Gillrilla the Gorilla came all the way from the jungle Thursday and knocked on the doors of children who attend the Boces Youth Classes in the Lovatt Room of the library in Pinedale every Thursday.

It went something like this:

Gill: Knock knock.
Kid: Who’s there?
Gill: Gillrilla.
Kid: Gillrilla who?
Gill: Gillrilla, the vanilla sasparilla armadilla thrilla gorilla…what’s for dinna?

So, they invited him in and told us how it went in their own words.

Oz Koci: We ate mashed potatoes, elk meat, green beans, ice cream and a popsicle. Then we watched the Wild Craft movie.

Baylee Henn: We ate Mac and cheese and milk. Then we played and climbed.

Case Ingle: We had meat and cheese tacos and we ate bananas for dessert.

Addy Levitt: We had banana cake then we jumped on the tramp and swung on the monkey bars. Then I took him to my friends house to meet them.

Shanelle Deal: We had bananas and cheesecake and then went jumping on the tramp.

Katherine Mika: We had poop and boogers and then we played we were in a plane crash.

Kenzie Dibben: We had banana split ice cream and banana soup. Then we went and jumped in the bouncy house and then went to the PAC and went down the slide.

Libby Olson: We had grilled ape mixed up with bananas. Then we wrecked the house.

Lacie Olson: We had bananas and banana soup and then we went outside and played.

Wyatt Lund: Cockroaches. I'll just say that. And bananas. Then we went outside and played football and I punched him in the face.

Logan Carrillo: Bananas and snakes. That's what we ate. Then we got into a Monster Jam.

Jackson Streeter: We ate bananas and cake. Then we played hide and seek in the trees.

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Libby Olson. Photo by Terry Allen.
Libby Olson

Kenzie Dibben. Photo by Terry Allen.
Kenzie Dibben

Lacie Olson. Photo by Terry Allen.
Lacie Olson

Wyatt Lund. Photo by Terry Allen.
Wyatt Lund

Logan Carrillo. Photo by Terry Allen.
Logan Carrillo

Jackson Streeter. Photo by Terry Allen.
Jackson Streeter

Katherine Mika. Photo by Terry Allen.
Katherine Mika
Pinedale Online > News > March 2016 > A Gorilla Went Knock Knock

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