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Doc Johnston. Photo by Terry Allen.
Doc Johnston

Throwing hay. Photo by Terry Allen.
Throwing hay

Feeding Snacks. Photo by Terry Allen.
Feeding Snacks

Taking Care of Friends. Photo by Terry Allen.
Taking Care of Friends
The Wyoming Way
Doc Johnston
by Terry Allen
January 10, 2016

Doc Johnston came to Sublette County, Wyoming in 1958.

Someone the other day said, Doc has seen about half the population before anyone else, due to him delivering a whole lot of babies.

Today, Doc was out feeding his horses; some of them around 25 years old or so.

He puts his truck in compound low, gets out and walks behind throwing off segments of hay as the truck drives itself.

He keeps treats in his coat pocket for each of them. They take the snack and he gives them a pat and a scratch, and a word or two.

There is a nurse at our Sublette Center care facility that he was a doctor to when she was a little girl. Now the little girl has grown up...and is the one who looks after Doc's wife, who had a stroke a couple weeks ago.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > January 2016 > The Wyoming Way

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