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Pinedale Online > News > June 2015 > Vote for Wyoming's Most Significant Artifacts
Vote for Wyoming's Most Significant Artifacts
by University of Wyoming
June 30, 2015

The Wyoming’s Most Significant Artifacts program has been launched by the Wyoming State Historical Society in partnership with the University of Wyoming Libraries in celebration of 125 years of Wyoming Statehood. Its purpose is to provide recognition to the cultural institutions throughout Wyoming that preserve and provide access to collections that enhance our enjoyment and understanding of Wyoming’s heritage and provide ongoing learning and research opportunities.

This effort will identify some of our state’s most treasured artifacts. An artifact is defined as an artistic or historic item (or related group of items) and may include a wide variety of items such as documents, books, photographs, recordings, artwork, and 3 dimensional items. It does not include structures or buildings.

Representatives of Wyoming’s archives, historical societies, libraries and museums across the state will be allowed to nominate one item from their collection that they believe has significance to Wyoming’ s history. An independent panel of judges will review the initial nominations and select twenty-five candidates. The public will then be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite artifact.

The Most Significant Artifacts campaign highlights the importance of our historic and cultural heritage and the role that artifacts play in telling the story of Wyoming. It also engages the general public in building awareness of collections held in trust by Wyoming's cultural heritage organizations. Representatives of Wyoming’s public archives, historical societies, libraries and museums nominated one item from their collection that they believed was significant to Wyoming’s history. The public is invited to pick their top ten choices from the list of 25 below at Wyoming’s Most Significant Artifacts. Artifacts are included from both the Museum of the Mountain Man in Pinedale and the Green River Valley Museum in Big Piney. Vote Here

Vote for the Top 10 of Wyoming's Most Significant Artifacts
Select 10 artifacts from the list below. Artifacts are listed in order of the display of the "Top 25 Entries". Vote for 10 items that you feel are most worthy of being Wyoming's Most Significant Artifacts for 2015.

Ted Sower's 1939 Report of the Wyoming Archaeological Survey -- Rare, Typescript Manuscript / Central Wyoming College Library

OW Branding Irons / Trail End State Historic Site

Sheepwagon made by Frank George in Gillette, Wyoming / Campbell County Rockpile Museum

Original painting of the Wyoming State Flag / Wyoming State Museum

"Dee" Mammoth Image / Tate Geological Museum

Western Bridle Made of Multi-Color Hitched Horsehair / Little Snake River Musem

Timber Framed, 10 Stamp California Quartz Mill / South Pass City State Historic Site

Surveying Transit Instrument Made by Buff and Berger, Boston, 1890s / Park County Archives

Original Wyoming Flag / Natrona County Public Library

First Edition 1894 Book "Banditti of the Plains" by Asa Shinn Mercer, About the Johnson County War / Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum

Dragon Eyes - Part of a 140 foot-long Dragon Effigy / Sweetwater County Historical Museum

Early history of the Cowboy Bar and it's Brands / Green River Valley Museum

Joss House Panels / Evanston Chinese Joss House Museum

Book - House Journals 1869-'71-'73-'75-'77-'82 Territory of Wyoming - Describes the First Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wyoming convened in Cheyenne, October 12, 1869 / Wyoming State Law Library

Corbett Tunnel Tags 1906-1908 / Homesteader Museum

Caspar Collins Vest / Fort Caspar Museum

Four Clovis Projectile Points - Excavations Conducted at the Colby Site / University of Wyoming Archaeological Repository

Colors of Wyoming's National Guard Cavalry - 115th Cavalry Regiment National / Wyoming National Guard Museum

Map - Generally Known as the Bridger-Collins Map, 1863 Map of What Would Become Wyoming / American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming

Specimen UW-15556 is a 60% Complete Skeleton of an Apatosaurus Excelsus (formerly known as Brontosaurus) / University of Wyoming Geological Museum

Photo - Two very rare glass plate stereoscopic views c. 1859 taken by Albert Bierstadt. "#88 Emigrant Train on the Big Sandy River, Oregon." / Museum of the Mountain Man

Peacekeeper is an Intercontinental Ballistic missile on exhibit at the front gate of F. E. Warren AFB and can be seen from I-25 as people drive by the Pershing Exit / Warren ICBM & Heritage Museum

Speech - March 26, 1890 speech by Hon. Joseph M. Carey, Wyoming Territorial Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, arguing for Wyoming’s admission to the Union. / Wyoming State Library

Eighteen ration tickets are made from paper and are marked in ink, The were used in 1905, and bear the names of the Arapaho families on the Wind River to whom they were distributed. / Plains Indian Museum of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Painting - An oil painting on canvas by Albert Bierstadt titled "The Last of the Buffalo" painted in 1889. / Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Pinedale Online > News > June 2015 > Vote for Wyoming's Most Significant Artifacts

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