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Pinedale Online > News > May 2015 > Town of Pinedale Update – Emergency Services
Town of Pinedale Update – Emergency Services
by Bob Jones, Pinedale Mayor
May 23, 2015

I would like to take a few minutes to let you know what goes on behind the scenes with the Town of Pinedale partners. We have top notch emergency services in our towns and county. The first-rate service we all receive does not happen on its own. We are fortunate to have Jim Mitchell, who heads up the Emergency Management group in our county. Jim is employed through the Sheriff’s office and represents Wyoming Homeland Security. Every Wednesday morning, representatives from the Sheriff’s Office, Wyoming State Patrol, Fire Department, EMS, Clinic, Public Health, Search and Rescue, and the Town meet to discuss our coordination and procedures to ensure that every time there is a response, our citizens get the best and most professional service we can provide. I have been going to these meetings for a year and I have to tell you, I’m impressed. This group is primarily funded by our county commissioners and they have put our safety in good hands. By the way, the towns pay Sublette County $10 a year for fire service and $10 a year for law enforcement. Every major and most minor events that take place in this county are reviewed weekly and discussed from different points of view as part of this groups ongoing effort to improve our service. As you know, when you have a lot of people and agencies involved, confusion and poor communications can easily become major problems. We spend a lot of time heading off these problems before they occur. By working together in forming standardized SOPs and practicing them in exercises, we have made great strides towards providing some of the best emergency responses in the state.

For those of you interested in preparing for an emergency, a course called The Road to Preparedness 72 hours and beyond, is being put on by the Wyoming Homeland Security Training Program. This course is designed to train people to go back to their organizations and teach what to do in an extended emergency. This course will be held on May 30th from 8:00 AM to 5 PM. For information contact Jim Mitchell at 307-367-2284.

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