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Pinedale Online > News > April 2015 > Black Tie & Blues Kentucky Derby Party May 2nd

Vote for your favorite team!. Photo by Pinedale Fine Arts Council.
Vote for your favorite team!
Don't miss the Pinedale Fine Arts Councul Black Tie & Blues Kentucky Derby Party on Tuesday, May 2nd at the Sublette County Fairgrounds .
Black Tie & Blues Kentucky Derby Party May 2nd
Vote now for your favorite team!
April 11, 2015

Pinedale Fine Arts Council will hold their Black Tie & Blues Kentucky Derby Party on Tuesday, May 2nd at the Sublette County Fairgrounds starting at 3:30PM. In addition to live music and a catered dinner, they will be holding their own version of the Kentucky Derby.

First they will broadcast the actual Kentucky Derby live on the big screen.
Then, they will hold their own stick horse obstacle course race around the Sublette County Fairgrounds. Local teams have been put together to compete. Supporters can vote for their favorite team, $1 per vote with a $5 minimum.
Tickets are $40. All money raised goes to support youth arts programming in schools in Sublette County.

Teams are:
1st Bank: "Financial Fillies" (Shannon Goodsell, April Ginest, Jackie Thomas). These gals have the best looking lobby display you'll ever see. Pop into 1st Bank and support their team. On Friday April 17th they will have snacks and special PFAC fun!

JA&G Oilfield Specialty Services & Waterhole #3: "Shaken not Stirred!" (Mark Milleg & Bill Tanner). They went to Mexico last week for the Puerto Vallarta. Shaken not Stirred finished 2nd. Got held up in customs had to spend the night, but back now and training hard.

Pinedale Aquatic Center: "Lady to Dive For", (Amber Anderson, David Kieffer, August Hallsten) Sponsored by Daniel Junction and Rain For Rent. Lady to Dive For, the most recent entry in the Ice Box Downs, is set to make her first appearance on dry land at the upcoming race. After dominating the aquatic circuit the move to dry land is an obvious next step. Team owner JJ Huntley states: "It is with great pride that we send our very own Lady to Dive For to the surface to compete in her first race on land. Lady and her team have shown, through their unprecedented success in the URA (underwater racing association), that they are indeed true champions. Everyone from the Caspian Sea to the Baltic, Indian Ocean to the Pacific, will be watching and cheering her on. Though this is just one small horse race, it is through Lady and PACing Heat that we can show those on the surface that we in the water are more than just a bunch of fish!" Please support Lady to Dive For and her team PACing Heat, in becoming the first ever sea horse to win at the Ice Box Downs!

Sublette Insurance: "Foal-ly Covered " (Windy Noble, Scott Cheeney, Paige Harrell). We are making sure our turns are tight and we have a great coach Sara Cheeney who races barrels so that helps a ton when we get slow and knock over the barrels! We are getting really excited about participating in such a great fundraiser and can't wait to put our running boots on!

Wind River Dental: "Extractonator" (Tiera Babcock, Dr. Matt Geddes, Sharlyn Geddes). Extractonator, a strong favorite to capture the Triple Crown, has already won the Prophy Derby and the Sweetness, with only the Bluemouth race to go. Bred in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, Extractonator was sired by The Molar, winner of both the Sweetness and Bluemouth. With an outstanding racing season coming to a close, his trainer is confident Extractonator will be in top form and ready to compete at the Sublette County Downs in the Black Tie and Bluemouth Race May 2.

Proactive Rehab & Fitness: "Justouttarehab" (Christen Thonhoff, Mark Weaver, Valerie Werbelow). This horse has been owner Christen Thonhoff's pride and joy. Christen bought the horse when he was 6 months old and has been training him to dominate the racing circuit ever since. Don't be fooled by the name, Justouttarehab is a strong competitor and has had high standings in previous races throughout the Wyoming circuit. This throughbred's sponsor: Proactive Rehab and Fitness Centers have nicknamed the horse Sweatatariat. Proactive Owner Sue Holz feels "2015 is justouttarehab's best year yet!"

Puncherman: "Puncher Pride" (Nancy Espenscheid, Betty Fear): Because of the ongoing suspicion of treachery and foul play around the track, their real identities shall remain protected. For now you will only know them as Fearless Franny, Jockey; Magic Man, Trainer; and the primary owner, the one and only world famous PUNCHERMAN! Most important, the horse we proudly present is: PUNCHER PRIDE.

Go to the Pinedale Fine Arts Council website to vote on your favorite team:

Pinedale Online > News > April 2015 > Black Tie & Blues Kentucky Derby Party May 2nd

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