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Pinedale Online > News > March 2013 > Meth & Marijuana found at Creature Comforts in Pinedale

K-9 Search. Photo by Creature Comforts.
K-9 Search

Raid. Photo by Creature Comforts.

K-9 Teams. Photo by Creatire Comforts.
K-9 Teams
Meth & Marijuana found at Creature Comforts in Pinedale
by Tony Keys
March 16, 2013

A half dozen squad cars descended on the Creature Comforts Pet Shop in Pinedale early Wednesday morning loaded with drug dogs from Sublette and Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Offices and the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The cause for this four-legged tour de force? A training exercise organized by Sublette County Deputy Dan McClure.

It was thought that the many distractions within the dog groomer’s pet shop would be a strong test of the canines sleuthing abilities. The distractions included a variety of dogs toys, treats, food, guinea pigs, birds, dog towels and the lingering scent of a ‘skunked’ dog that Ben Davis brought in late Tuesday afternoon.

Sublette County Officer Semmons planted small metal boxes around the pet shop containing brown heroin, ecstacy, $1,000 worth of crystal meth and a bag of marijuana.

The five dogs, four yellow labs and one chocolate, each took a solitary turn to locate the four "hides’ and, hen located, they would sit and point to the target with their wet and whickered proboscis (snout).

Officer Zak Semmons, who supervised and graded the patrol dogs, said that the results were very good for the exercise. It took 90 minutes for the dos to run the course and Creature Comforts opened up right on time at 10:00AM. The dogs found only what they were supposed to inside the shop.

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  • Search. Photo by Creature Comforts.

    Ready to work. Photo by Creature Comforts.
    Ready to work

    Sniffing around. Photo by Creature Comforts.
    Sniffing around

    Many smells to sort through. Photo by Creature Comforts.
    Many smells to sort through

    Found something. Photo by Creature Comforts.
    Found something

    Sniffing. Photo by Creature Comforts.

    Good dog. Photo by Creature Comforts.
    Good dog

    At the window. Photo by Creature Comforts.
    At the window

    A Hit. Photo by Creature Comforts.
    A Hit
    The dog sits when it finds a target substance.
    Pinedale Online > News > March 2013 > Meth & Marijuana found at Creature Comforts in Pinedale

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