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Pinedale Online > News > December 2012 > Sublette County Predator Board to meet Dec. 14 in Pinedale
Sublette County Predator Board to meet Dec. 14 in Pinedale
December 5, 2012

The Sublette County Predator Management District Board meeting has been set for Friday, Dec. 14 at 1:00 p.m. in the commission meeting room of the Sublette County courthouse in Pinedale.

This is a very important meeting, as there have been significant events with predators this year, including the delisting of wolves. There has been an increase in predator attacks on livestock, including an increase in depredation by grizzly bears and gray wolves in the Wyoming Range. The board is expected to discuss what level of support should be provided for the addition of a control specialist in the southwestern district of USDA Wildlife Services to handle the increased workload.
Other items to be discussed are requests for predator control to benefit big game populations, and raven control to benefit sage grouse.

The predator board traditionally supports a few coyote hunts each winter. Any group wanting funding from the board for these hunts is expected to have a representative in attendance to request the funding.

The predator board consists of three sheep producers and three cattle producers elected by livestock producers who pay predator fees during brand inspections in the county. The Sublette County Commission also appoints one sportsman representative to the board.

There are several seats up for election at this December meeting, including two sheep representative seats (currently held by Cat Urbigkit and Kay Malkowski). All livestock producers who have paid predator management fees in Sublette County within the last year are qualified to vote in this election.

The board is also expected to fill the remaining one-year term for a cattle producer representative, which was recently made vacant by the resignation of Merrill Dana.

Livestock producers interested in serving on the board should attend the meeting if possible, or contact an existing predator board member seeking nomination. To be eligible to serve on the board, the producer must have paid predator management fees in the year preceding election.

Board members: Pete Arambel, Garland Swain, Cat Urbigkit, Kay Malkowski, Kevin Campbell, and Hugh Steele.

Pinedale Online > News > December 2012 > Sublette County Predator Board to meet Dec. 14 in Pinedale

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