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2012. Photo by Pinedale Online.
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2012 – Year in Review
by Pinedale Online!
December 31, 2012

Here are highlights for happenings in the year 2012 in Sublette County, Wyoming. Scroll down to the end of the article for names of people who passed away in 2012.

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January. Photo by Chris Havener.
IPSSSDR Pinedale Stage Stop. The annual International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race includes stops in multiple towns in western Wyoming over a week-long stage race. Pinedale, Big Piney and Marbleton have stage stops in the race. Photo by Chris Havener Click here for more pictures (38 photos)

February. Photo by Synve Mitchell.
One Lunger Snowmobile Race The Pinedale Snow Explorers Snowmobile Club hosted the 12th annual One Lunger snowmobile race in February. The vintage snow machines must be manufactured on or before 1973. can be no factory race sleds. Engines make must match the chassis, no jackshafts and the sled must race and finish with its hood. The engines can be modified extensively. Photo by Synve Mitchell. Click here for more pictures.

March. Photo by Nan Stinson.
Pinedale Glacier Peewees take 2nd at State Ice hockey is a favorite winter sport for youth and adults in Pinedale. This year, the PeeWees (ages 11 & 12) proudly brought home the trophy as 2nd in State. Photo by Nan Stinson. Click here for more on this story

April. Photo by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online.
QEP 4-H land donation In April, QEP gas company presented the deed for 35 acres of land to the Sublette County Commissioners to be used to create the Rose Skinner Preserve and Sublette County 4-H and Agricultural Center south of Pinedale. It will be built in 2013. Click on this link for more details on this story.

May. Photo by Ana Cuprill.
Outdoor Classroom The Childrens's Discovery Center broke ground on their new Outdoor Classroom. The purpose of the Outdoor Classroom was to increase the quantity, quality, and benefit of outdoor experiences for young children in their early childcare, pre-school, and summer program. Click here for more pictures. Photo by Ana Cuprill.

June. Photo by Valerie Blair.
Fontenelle Fire The Fontenells Fire began in the Wyoming Range on June 24th, growing quickly and threatening to burn down the Middle Piney Summer homes. Firefighters were able to save all structures from the inferno. It wasn't out until four months later after snowfall finally extinguished its fury. It reached over 64,000 acres in size. Click here for more details and pictures. Photo by Valerie Blair.

July. Photo by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online.
Green River Rendezvous The second full weekend in July is Rendezvous, four days of fun and frolic in Pinedale. Click here for more pictures.

August. Photo by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online.
Sublette County Fair There is always great fun to be had at the county fair. Local youth spend an entire year raising their livestock to show in the hopes of getting a winning ribbon. Click here for more photos.

September. Photo by Dave Bell.
Chall Creek Fire This late season fire caused immediate evacuation orders to be issued to homeowners in the Beaver Creek area of the Wyoming Range. Fortunately, firefighters were able to protect all structures and none were lost. Click here for more details. Photo by Dave Bell.

October. Photo by Hal Sawyer, Western Ecosystem. Technologies .
Wildlife overpasses working Deer and antelope were observed using the newly constructed over and underpasses shortly after construction crews cleared out and the structures opened. Click here for more details. Photo by Hal Sawyer, Western Ecosystem. Technologies

November. Photo by Tip Top Search & Rescue.
Missing plane Tip Top Search & Rescue and other responders spent a week searching for a plane that went down in the rugged mountains near Hoback Canyon in November. The crash claimed the life of pilot Myles McGinnis of La Barge. Click here for more on this story

December. Photo by Dave Bell.
White Pine Ski Area opened for the 2012-2013 ski season. Click here for more details. Photo by Dave Bell.

In Memory
James "Jim" Oriet
Marjorie Homan
Morris Horton
Patricia Chapel
Dorothy "Dot" Ragan
Charles "Bill" Shertz
Beatrice Fogleman
Dale Talbot Hunter
Myles M. McGinnis
Fred Wyatt
Mary Martin
Aurelio A. Medina
Robert L. Schulz
Shirley Setzler
Janice M. Norman
Richard D. Gordon
Debra G. Hokanson
Maxine Estes
Harold "Babe" Reach
Bernita Elizabeth Myers
Barry Rogers
Michael Wilder
Reka McFadden
Ruth Keeley
Rita Comstock
Richard Dale "Richy" Gordon
Geneva Toland Hicken
Almarie Potochnik
Bervadon Mitchell
Dylan Emmett Cackler
Mike Lauger
Patricia Lee (Croker) Feit
Ronnie "Ron" Schilling
Doryce Joy Belmore-Stelling
Lillian Ann ‘Tony’ Gault
Clara Lou Tschiffely
Eva Charlene Sullivan Kallas
Sallie C. Otteman
Barbara May Rawson
Jolene Mary Reckner
Nancy Colton
Kathleen M. Saul
Pauline Johnson Lee
Wanda Pierotto
Stella Faye Dolence
John L. Loos
Ralph C. "Ted" Hiner
Barbara Rawson
W. N. "Neil" McMurry
Juan M. Bernaras
Charles Davis
Becky Lynn Borton
Robin N. Wilson
Darrel Dean Alexander
Edna Martin Georgis
Juanita Hill
Evelene Eleanor Thomas Nichols
Edythe Jacquelin "Jackie" Barker Sea
Sherri Teresa Page
Louise Marx
Frederick Robinson
Juanita ‘Nita’ Miller
Bruce David Carlson
June E. McQuillan
Betty Ruth Cantrell (Nelson)
Rose Penton Skinner
Eilene L. Martin
Adeline Stannard
Rita Mae Whitney Huntley
Garth Bart Gardner
David Warren
Thomas Davenport
Chyrl Phillips
Blanche Sewell
Kenneth J. Klein
Brittney Wilson
Howard Earles
Elaine Tully
Lawrence Don Twitchell
Allan ‘Al’ Moore
Marie Bullock Barnes
Cecil G. Headd
Rodney H. "Doc" Holliday
Donna Jean Brown
Peggy Trachsel
Kenneth Earl Shriver
Caroline N. Sulenta
Thayne Adams
Marie Bullock Barnes
Evelyn Douglas
Tom Naugle
Spencer Simmons
Frank Corbridge Smith
Clifford Turk
Barbara May Hill Williams
Marlin J. Plamondon
Frank P. Garnick
Beverly Edna Pratt Homer
Jennifer Lea Schott
William Dwight May

Pinedale Online > News > December 2012 > 2012 – Year in Review

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