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Pinedale Online > News > December 2012 > 2012 Pinedale Middle School Science Fair results

Best in Fair - Conor Sullivan. Photo by Carla Sullivan.
Best in Fair - Conor Sullivan
Conor Sullivan was the overall Best in Fair with his display "Lift or Bust, Continued..." an extension of his 7th grade project. Conor used a computerized flight simulator and an airplane design program to compare fuel efficiency in different shaped airfoils (wings). Photo courtesy Carla Sullivan.

Science Fair. Photo by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online.
Science Fair
There were 102 projects this year. 7th and 8th grade students from Pindale Middle School participated.
2012 Pinedale Middle School Science Fair results
by Sublette County School District #1
December 14, 2012

Best Project in Fair
Lift or Bust - Conor Sullivan
Honorable Mention - We all (almost) scream for ice scream- Zoe Noble

Principals Award
Barking Bacteria - Brooke Hornberger

Visual Display
Gum Gum Dum Dum - Sylvee McClure

People’s Choice Award
Caught Mouse - Joe Anspach

Medicine and Health
Tie 3rd - Fat Chance - Zane Petersen
3rd - Does the Beat Affect the Beat - Jacob Harber
2nd - Surprised Sounds - Dallon Cox
1st - Reaction Satisfaction - Dylan Shaw and Zane Dietlin

3rd - Milky Way - Jayde Faler
2nd - Reynolds to the Rescue - Chayla Saxton
1st - Sparks in your Produce - Ryann Swift

Animal Science
3rd - The Amazing Ant - Anthony Goulette
2nd - Barking Bacteria - Brooke Hornberger
1st - Fishing for Color - Tacy Kunard

Behavioral Science
Tie-3rd - Yawn the Day Away - Haley Boulter
3rd - Alco! Yes or No - Jorell Ballard
Tie 2nd - Packaging to Pizzazz - Jenna Roadifer
2nd - Grove and Move - Karlon Ballard
1st - Ballin Beats - Zack Winer and Garrett Lozier

Engineering- Electrical & Mechanical
3rd - Sky Skater - Aisha Auradou and Mariza Rivera Salguero
2nd - Catch a Cricket - Taryn Stevens
1st - Caught Mouse - Joe Anspach

Engineering-Materials and Bioengineering
3rd - Dry Ice Fly Ice - Steven Metz
2nd - Homemade vs. Store made - Garrett Lowham
1st - Stocking Up- Stocking up - Wes Hathaway

Energy and Transportation
1st - Lift or Bust - Conor Sullivan

Physics and Astronomy
3rd - Bang for your buck - Abi Ennis
2nd - Newton’s Vacuum - Gabe Gardiner
1st – Blown Away - Taylor Ruckman

2nd – Puddles of Popsicles - Elizabeth Castro
1st – PAWS Prowess - McKenna Legerski

3rd (tie) place - Eating Light - Keyla Salazar
3rd (tie) place - Mold Busters - Bailey Schupp
2nd (tie) place - Real Onions Don’t Cry - Lynora Anderson & Tayler Davis
2nd (tie)place - E. coli Eradication - Liza Walker
1st place - We all (almost) scream for ice scream - Zoe Noble

Environmental Science
2nd place - Scatastrophe - Abby Williams
1st place - Something in the Air - Magen Rohrer

Plant Science
(Tie) 3rd - Electroculture - Amping up the Growth -Tommy LaBuda
(tie) 3rd - Pea:Radioactive? - River Dauwen
2nd – Smoke to Grow - Loveena Winkelkotter

3rd – Disinfectants - Carson Mack
2nd - Bashing Bacteria - Cooper Eaton
1st - Gross Groceries - Scott Noble

Earth and Planetary
1st place - Operation Ozone - Jane Cloninger

Environmental Management
1st place - Refreshed and Refueled - Joshua Que

Cellular and Molecular Biology - no place winners

Computer Science - no place winners

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