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Pinedale Online > News > July 2012 > Wyoming Game & Fish honors two Pinedale employees

Jill Randall. Photo by Wyoming Game & Fish.
Jill Randall
Pinedale Habitat Biologist, Jill Randall, collecting habitat measurements in the foothills of the Wyoming Range. Photo by Mark Gocke, Wyoming Game & Fish.

Des Brunette. Photo by Wyoming Game & Fish.
Des Brunette
Pinedale Game and Fish Office Manager, Des Brunette and Pinedale Regional Wildlife Supervisor, John Lund. Photo by Mark Gocke, Wyoming Game & Fish.
Wyoming Game & Fish honors two Pinedale employees
Receive recognition by their peers
by Wyoming Game & Fish
July 17, 2012

Two Pinedale Game and Fish employees, Des Brunette and Jill Randall, have been honored for their exemplary work and accomplishments by each being awarded the "Peer Recognition Award" for the Wyoming Game and Fish Departmentís Pinedale Region.

Disney Brunette has been the face of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to many by serving as the manager of the Pinedale office for over 20 years. "Many know her as the friendly face who sells them their hunting license or registers their boat," says Pinedale Regional Wildlife Supervisor, John Lund. "But most donít realize all she does behind the scenes to keep the Pinedale Game and Fish Region running smoothly. Des regularly helps out with hunter check stations, elk trapping, fish spawning, setting up public meetings, personnel gatherings, and so on. There arenít many Game and Fish functions Des hasnít been a part of over the years."

Brunette grew up in Kendall Valley of the upper Green River and has lived in the Pinedale area her whole life. Lund noted that her intimate knowledge of both the area and its people is invaluable. "She is well respected within the Game and Fish as well as the community."

Brunette has been active in the Pinedale community, helping with several events including the annual Mountain Man Rendezvous for many years and currently chairs the local Backcountry Horseman club. Des has two children, Jake and Kendall.

Jill Randall started her Game and Fish career in 2003 as a Brucellosis-Feedgrounds-Habitat biologist in Jackson. She was promoted to the Pinedale Habitat Biologist in 2005, and continues to serve in that position.

"Jill is a great team player with excellent interpersonal skills," said Lund. "Her unique ability to work with other agencies, conservation groups, and landowners has allowed her to accomplish a great deal for wildlife and their habitat in a relatively short amount of time."

Randall has been instrumental in completing a number of important wildlife habitat improvement projects, including several prescribed burns to promote aspen along the Wyoming Range front, and a variety of mechanical and chemical sagebrush treatments benefitting both wildlife and livestock. Additionally, Randall has worked closely with area landowners and funding organizations to accomplish a number of conservation easements on key parcels of wildlife habitat within the Wyoming Range and Green River valley.

"In addition to her core duties as a habitat biologist, Jill has always been quite willing to help out other work units with their projects," said Lund, noting her involvement in projects such as the Pinedale elk test & removal project, sage grouse surveys, mule deer mortality surveys, and hunter check stations, among others.

In her free time, Jill enjoys playing softball, making jewelry, and a number of outdoor pursuits with her husband, Mark, including hunting, hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding, to name a few. Randall is a Jefferson, Ohio native.

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