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Pinedale Online > News > June 2012 > Roscoe not running for HD#22 seat
Roscoe not running for HD#22 seat
by Joy Ufford, Sublette Examiner
June 12, 2012

After a filing error voided his candidacy to run again for the newly shaped House District #20, Wyoming HD#22 Rep. Jim Roscoe said Tuesday he has decided not to run at all.

Roscoe said he mistakenly filed his Teton County residence in Wilson as "Indian Trails" instead of "Indian Paintbrush Trails" and although he has the option to run as an independent candidate, he is going to take some time off.

Roscoe was floating the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River with family and could not be reached to make a correction while he was gone. He said he’d filed at the last minute as a "placeholder" and then went off on his remote vacation, returning to reliable phone service Monday.

"After four years it has been a struggle anyway to find time" for his business and the many committee meetings he attended around the state, Roscoe said.

"I need to be responsible to the people I work with in my construction company and get caught up," he said.

However, Roscoe said he’d spoken at length earlier with HD#20 candidate Albert Sommers of Pinedale and thought they would have worked together well. Nevertheless, he added, he won’t rule out running again in two years.

Roscoe was headed back to Sublette County Tuesday in time for the legislature’s minerals committee meeting June 13-14. He said he still has plenty of work to do as HD#22 representative before his seat is filled by another elected candidate.

By Joy Ufford, Editor, Sublette Examiner,,

Pinedale Online > News > June 2012 > Roscoe not running for HD#22 seat

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