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Pinedale Online > News > May 2012 > AIS decals required for all boaters
AIS decals required for all boaters
Drain, Clean, and Dry
by Wyoming Game and Fish
May 31, 2012

With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, many Wyoming boaters will be headed out to enjoy some time on the water. The Wyoming Game and Fish (GF) reminds all boaters that any watercraft entering into any waters in Wyoming must have a valid Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) decal. Wyoming decals are available online, at GF regional offices, and at automated license vendors. A list of automated license vendors is available on the GF website at:

It should be noted that boaters from another state must have a valid Wyoming AIS decal to boat in Wyoming, even if the watercraft launches in another state and boats into Wyoming, as can be done on Palisades Reservoir near Alpine, WY. In the case of Palisades Reservoir, those watercraft would need both an Idaho and a Wyoming decal.

"It seems there has been some confusion about what is required when crossing state lines, particularly with those boating on Palisades Reservoir, which spans both Wyoming and Idaho," said Wyoming Game and Fish AIS Coordinator, Beth Bear. "Many believe that since they have an Idaho sticker they are covered for Wyoming waters as well, but that is not the case." The purchase of the decal is a funding mechanism for the AIS program in a given state. The money generated pays for AIS prevention activities, such as watercraft inspections, monitoring, and public outreach.

The purchase of an AIS decal does not indicate a watercraft has been inspected. Wyoming Game and Fish has AIS inspection crews at Wyoming’s most popular waters or entrances into the state. "There are a number of things boaters can do to make sure the inspection process goes smoothly, allowing boaters to launch with minimal delays," says Bear. "In addition to making sure your boat is registered, and the AIS decal has been purchased, boaters can speed up the inspection process by performing a self-check on their boat before they get to the lake. The self-check form on the Game and Fish website guides boaters through many of the same questions inspectors will ask."

The self-check asks if boaters have used their watercraft in any infested waters within the last 30 days, and if so, whether the watercraft has been decontaminated. If a boat has been in an infested water in the last 30 days, it must be inspected, and possibly decontaminated, before launching in Wyoming. To schedule an inspection, call 1-877-WGFD-AIS.

The self-check also guides boaters through the Drain, Clean, and Dry procedure. All boaters should Drain, Clean, and Dry their watercraft and equipment after each use. This includes all types of watercraft, waders, boots, clothing, buckets-anything that comes into contact with the water. Leave any wet compartments open to dry. Clean all vegetation, mud, and debris from gear and equipment. Never move a plant or animal from one location to another. Dry everything thoroughly. "In Wyoming, we recommend drying for five days in the summer, 18 days in spring or fall, or three days of freezing," Bear said.

"This is the third year for Wyoming’s AIS inspection program," Bear said. "Boaters are becoming very familiar with the process and the vast majority of boaters are very supportive of what we are trying to do to keep AIS out of Wyoming."

AIS decals can be purchased at license agents, online, or at Game and Fish regional offices. When purchased at agents or online, the boater receives a receipt that the decal has been purchased, which can then be shown to inspectors and Game and Fish officers until the actual decal is received in the mail. More information on the decal can be found on the Game and Fish website at:

"In most instances, the launching should go smoothly with the inspection process for the vast majority of boats only taking a few minutes," said Bear. "The key to a speedy inspection is to do the self-check, make sure registration has been done, and the appropriate decal has been purchased."

Pinedale Online > News > May 2012 > AIS decals required for all boaters

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