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Pinedale Online > News > February 2012 > Sublette County Republican Party precinct caucuses Feb. 16
Sublette County Republican Party precinct caucuses Feb. 16
by Bob Rule, KPIN 101.1 FM Radio
February 16, 2012

Several other states have held their caucuses and primaries to select the Republican nominee for President of the United States, and tonight, it is Sublette County's turn to do so. Wyoming uses the caucus/convention system, and does not hold a presidential Primary Election. The Democrats will hold their event on April 14th, but tonight, Thursday night, at 7 PM, Republicans will be meeting in three different locations in Sublette County to hold the first of a three-step procedure to choose Wyoming's delegates to the National GOP Convention, who in turn, will pick the GOP's nominee for President. The first event at the caucuses will be a non-binding straw poll, where registered Republicans in Sublette County will vote for their choice for President. The votes will be counted and the results announced tonight, after the straw poll ballots have been collected. After the straw poll, delegates will be elected from each precinct to attend the Sublette County GOP County Convention, which will be held in Pinedale on March 10th. At the March 10th event, one person will be elected to be Sublette County's delegate to the National GOP Convention.

The GOP caucuses will be held, starting at 7 PM tonight, at three separate locations in Sublette County: Those living in the Big Piney, Marbleton, and Marbleton North precincts will meet at the Town Hall in Marbleton. Those living in the Bondurant precinct will meet at the Bondurant Elementary School, and all others in Sublette County will meet in the Lovatt Room in the public library in Pinedale.

Mitt Romney's son, Josh Romney, will be in Pinedale today, and will be interviewed live on KPIN Radio at 3 PM today. At 6 PM (note time change), Josh Romney will be at the public library in Pinedale to meet with residents of Sublette County prior to the start of the caucus meeting. KPIN Radio is not aware of any other national candidates sending a representative to Sublette County, but if we learn of any, we will announce it during the day today.

Registered Republicans in Sublette County can fully participate, and others may attend and observe this event.

Pinedale Online > News > February 2012 > Sublette County Republican Party precinct caucuses Feb. 16

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