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Pinedale Online > News > February 2012 > 2012 One Lunger 100 Snowmobile Race

The 120s. Photo by Synve Mitchell.
The 120s
Photo by Synve Mitchell.

Checkered flag. Photo by Synve Mitchell.
Checkered flag
Photo courtesy Synve Mitchell.

Around the corner. Photo by Synve Mitchell.
Around the corner
Yellow 217 Tanner Porter, white Tony Cook. Photo courtesy Synve Mitchell.

Ron and Cynde Wilson. Photo by Synve Mitchell.
Ron and Cynde Wilson
Photo by Synve Mitchell.

Search & Rescue. Photo by Synve Mitchell.
Search & Rescue
Jim Mitchell, Shawn Streeter and John Kochever. Photo by Synve Mitchell
2012 One Lunger 100 Snowmobile Race
12th annual race of Vintage snowmachines
by Synve Mitchell, Pinedale Snow Explorers Snowmobile Club Secretary
February 22, 2012

Yamahas, Artic cats, Rupps, and Ski doos, sit atop trailers as they parade through the gate for the 12th annual One Lunger 100! Sagebrush Downs was graced with wonderful weather, bright and sunny for last Saturday’s vintage snowmobile races. The Pinedale Snow Explorers hosted the event for the 24 teams and six 120cc racers, along with a bit of sponsor help from our friends at the Baymont Inn, Sublette County Road and Bridge, Tip Top Search and Rescue, Burke Steele, Corey Jenson, Alan Dugan, and Joey Babcock.

The youngest participant was Otis Leniger at 4-½ years of age. Ken Huggins was the most seasoned participant being 63-years young. Several local sled heads came out for the fun hoping their vintage machine would be the one to complete all 100 laps. The invitation to race the oval snow track reached as far as Cheyenne, Vernal, and Salt Lake City.

It was a waving green flag to start the competition with the 120cc racers. Eian Smith (5 years old), Otis Leniger (4 ½), Zach Maxam (8), Tavi Shriver (8), Gail Dugan (10), and Dustin Larson (6) demonstrated their expertise handling of pint-sized machines. Not only did these kids exhibit great snowmobile race potential, they also expressed a keen race philosophy. "if you don’t win, high five em’ and say See you next year!" stated with a wave by Otis Leniger.

On a 1970 Skidoo 340 blizzard, team Pfaff met the checker for the win in the Single Cylinder race. Travis and his son, Tyler Pfaff of Green River, were all smiles after the jarring 100 laps. The 340 model was lucky for the Twin Cylinder class as well. The Team of Chase Kilroy and Tucker Erickson, racing with Troy’s Motorsport, were victorious on their 1973 Ski doo. Kilroy and Erickson make such a good team, maybe they can continue the winning streak to the 2013 One Lunger!

All the teams that entered the One Lunger completed a portion of the harrowing 100 laps. The only female race team, of Valerie Werbelow and Ellie Boda, did very well on their ski doo, the Mean, Green Turtle Machine. For those who could not take the bone backing 100 laps, still got into the action with the Calcutta, auctioned by the boundless energy of Jay Fear.

Hamburgers and hotdogs cooked as the high whine of machines dashed around the track. Everyone shared their story of how they pieced together their race chariots. As the temperature dropped slightly and the day turned to late afternoon, the last of the racers finished the bum numbing ordeal, and Dave Smith, our esteemed announcer, closed the 12th annual One Lunger 100. See you next year!

Photos courtesy Synve Mitchell PSE secretary

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