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Pinedale Online > News > December 2011 > Don't ignore the High Wind Advisory

On their sides. Photo by Wyoming Highway Patrol.
On their sides
Three tractor trailer combinations lay on their sides at mile post #4 in the median on Interstate Thursday afternoon as a result of strong winds blowing them over. Photo courtesy Wyoming Highway Patrol.

High Wind Warning. Photo by Wyoming Highway Patrol.
High Wind Warning
Photo courtesy Wyoming Highway Patrol.
Don't ignore the High Wind Advisory
by Wyoming Highway Patrol
December 29, 2011

Cheyenne Strong winds continue across much of the State this afternoon causing blow over crashes of high profile light weight vehicles. A no light trailer advisory has been posted for much of the southern half of the State and in north in the Wheatland and Casper area.

WYDOT has also posted a closure notice on Interstate 25 from the Colorado/Wyoming State line to Wheatland for light high profile vehicles due to extreme blow over risk. This is for both north and southbound lanes of travel.

Wind measuring instruments have recorded a peak wind gust just north of Cheyenne near Horse Creek at 81 mph earlier this morning.

In the last 48 hours, Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers have been dispatched to at least 15 tractor trailer blow over crashes. There have been no fatalities reported however, in several of the crashes there have been injuries to the vehicle occupants.

In an attempt to provide guidance to the traveling public the following definition of "No Light Trailers" has been posted on the WYDOT R&T website under "definitions". While it does not give specific guidance on trailer weight or size as that is hard to define based on many variables, it will hopefully provide information for drivers to consider.

"No light trailers: This advisory pertains to trailers of any size (commercial and non-commercial) which are loaded with light materials (or are empty) and have a profile that is subject to wind gusts. Drivers of such vehicles are advised not to travel when a "no light trailers" advisory is posted as they can anticipate strong gusts of wind that may result in the loss of control of their vehicle or the potential for their vehicle to completely blow-over. Blow-overs of light trailers are very common in Wyoming and controlling a vehicle during a strong wind event can be even more difficult when slick road conditions are present. Any driver who fails to heed the "no light trailer" advisory and who is involved in a crash can expect to pay a fine in addition to the expense of clean up costs and fees associated with repairing any damage caused to public and/or private property."

Motorists may check to see which roadways in their area of travel have been posted with an advisory or are closed by going to the WYDOT web site at

Pinedale Online > News > December 2011 > Don't ignore the High Wind Advisory

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