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Pinedale Online > News > June 2011 > 4-H Cloverbuds Celebrate with Success!

Awards. Photo by Windy Noble.
Awards were handed out by leader Ranae Harris and son Gus Lozier to members. Tristan Haley received his award and medal as parents Elisah and Bubba watch on. Photos by Windy Noble.

Cloverbuds. Photo by Windy Noble.
Cloverbud members: Out front- Eli Hayward 2nd row left to right: Tristan Haley, Zane Hayward, Zach Maxam, Tavi Shriver, Brooke Noble, Janae Arne, Kirsten Klaren, Grant Fornstrom Back row: Susanna Sturman, Kylee Jo Neubauer, Hanah Roskowski, Avery Shriver, Palmer Klaren, Gus Lozier, Katelyn Hayward, Claire Hayward
4-H Cloverbuds Celebrate with Success!
by Ranae Harris, Sublette County 4-H Cloverbuds
June 15, 2011

The Sublette County 4-H Cloverbuds held their awards night and pizza party June 8th. About 50 people attended the ceremony, along with Commissioner Joel Bousman and 4-H Agent Robin Schamber, the turnout was a huge success! Everyone began with pizza, chips and drinks and viewed a slide show of the activities for the year. Awards were given out to each member for their unique participation and skills acquired during the 4-H year.

Throughout the year, members have been active in community service projects, learned about the Character Counts program, the 4-H Portfolio and also learned about the projects they can participate in 4-H. This year, the club had amazing helpful parents who jumped in and helped whenever possible, even to the end of the program cleaning tables and taking out trash to help the volunteer. So many thanks go to each parent who stepped up, helped, brought snacks and always offered a hand when needed!

The 4-H year begins October 1. For youth to participate in the Cloverbud program, they need to be in Kindergarten and no older than 8 years old before January 1st. Next year there will be smaller groups for youth to participate in and the potential of more classes for the members throughout the year.

Volunteers are always encouraged to participate in the 4-H program, which involves a background check and evening training course. If you would like to help with Cloverbuds or the 4-H program or have your child participate, please contact the Extension Office for the upcoming 4-H year starting October 1!

Click here for a YouTube video of the Cloverbuds:

Photos by Windy Noble.

Claire Hayward. Photo by Windy Noble.
Claire Hayward
Claire Hayward receives her medal and award certificate.

Zane Hayward. Photo by Windy Noble.
Zane Hayward
Zane Hayward receives his Science Award and certificate.

Palmer and Gus. Photo by Windy Noble.
Palmer and Gus
Palmer Klaren and Gus Lozier help out with Cloverbuds. They became good friends thru 4-H, one aspect of 4-H is building friendships for a lifetime.

Tom and Brooke Noble. Photo by Windy Noble.
Tom and Brooke Noble
Tom Noble and daughter Brooke wait for awards.

Tom, Heather and Brooke. Photo by Windy Noble.
Tom, Heather and Brooke
Tom Noble, Heather and Brooke Noble enjoy pizza.

Pizza and fun. Photo by Windy Noble.
Pizza and fun

Zach Maxam. Photo by Windy Noble.
Zach Maxam

Lots of  food. Photo by Windy Noble.
Lots of food
Lots of food, but it was gone by the end!

Janae and Heather. Photo by Windy Noble.
Janae and Heather
Janae Arne and Heather Noble sit down for pizza.

Heather Noble. Photo by Windy Noble.
Heather Noble
Heather Noble will be in Cloverbuds very soon.

Gus Lozier. Photo by Windy Noble.
Gus Lozier
Jr. Jr. Leader Gus Lozier gets ready for his turn to pass out awards.

The Sturman Family. Photo by Windy Noble.
The Sturman Family
They have been strong leaders and members of the Sublette County 4-H program for many years. Daughter Susanna Sturman has participated in Cloverbuds three years and is graduating to the program next October.

Klaren family. Photo by Windy Noble.
Klaren family
Jennifer, Mike, Kirsten and Palmer.

Kirsten Klaren. Photo by Windy Noble.
Kirsten Klaren
Kirsten Klaren receives her award for her Genuine Heart and strong love for 4-H.

Zach Maxam. Photo by Windy Noble.
Zach Maxam

Kylee Jo Neubauer. Photo by Windy Noble.
Kylee Jo Neubauer
Kylee Jo Neubauer received her award. Kylee was always willing with a bright smile at each meeting this year.

Eli Hayward. Photo by Windy Noble.
Eli Hayward
Eli Hayward, small brother to Claire attended every meeting with his sister and participated as much as he could. Eli received an award for his extra efforts in learning the 4-H program for a 4-year-old.

Brooke Noble. Photo by Windy Noble.
Brooke Noble
Brooke Noble receives her award from helper Gus Lozier. Brooke was quiet for the 4-H year, but most observant and willing to help participate. Many youth came a long way with learning to speak publicly and be in front of large crowds from the Cloverbud program.

Tavie Shriver. Photo by Windy Noble.
Tavie Shriver
Tavie Shriver received the Most Giggles award and her Science award and medal for her participation in the year.

Susanna Sturman. Photo by Windy Noble.
Susanna Sturman

Katelyn Hayward. Photo by Windy Noble.
Katelyn Hayward
Katelyn Hayward received an award for helping out when not asked, and being a strong jr. jr. leader for the Cloverbuds.

Palmer Klaren. Photo by Windy Noble.
Palmer Klaren
Palmer Klaren received recognition for his leadership role with the program. Youth stepped up and helped out throughout the year to help younger members with projects and learning opportunities. Palmer became a good friend to Gus Lozier who also helped with the program.

Gus Lozier. Photo by Windy Noble.
Gus Lozier
Shy Gus Lozier helped out his mom Ranae Harris with the Cloverbuds each meeting throughout the year. Gus learned a lot about 4-H but also became more comfortable standing and being in front of people. His progress throughout the year was amazing. Youth learn to publicly speak and participate in large group activities to gain confidence and poise.

Looking at awards. Photo by Windy Noble.
Looking at awards
Youth look over their special medals and awards.

Matt Neubauer. Photo by Windy Noble.
Matt Neubauer

Pizza. Photo by Windy Noble.
Pizza for the attendees.

Family and friends. Photo by Windy Noble.
Family and friends
Family and friends of the Cloverbuds.
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