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Pinedale Online > News > May 2011 > Sublette County artists attend state convention

Ruth Rawhouser. Photo by Laurie LaMere.
Ruth Rawhouser
Ruth Rawhouser's oil painting, "Enduring Aspens", was selected "President's Choice. She is shown here during the Quick Draw.

Charmian McLellan. Photo by Laurie LaMere.
Charmian McLellan
Charmian received a first place for "A Time for Every Purpose" in the Graphics category. She is pictured here during the Quick Draw competition.

Kay Meeks. Photo by Laurie LaMere.
Kay Meeks
Kay got Second Place in Oil/Acrylic for her painting "Life Giving Water", and Second Place in Pastel for "Boreal Scavenger". She is pictured here during the Quick Draw competition.

Devan LaMere. Photo by Laurie LaMere.
Devan LaMere
Devan LaMere received an Honorable Mention for her work "Brand Spankin' New".

Devan LaMere. Photo by Laurie LaMere.
Devan LaMere
Quick Draw competition.
Sublette County artists attend state convention
by Charmian McLellan
May 10, 2011

Wyoming Artists' Association president Debbie Despain of Big Piney hosted a successful convention of artists from throughout the state at The Headwaters Arts and Conference Center in Dubois May 6 through 8.

Artists from Sublette County attending were: Les Burrough, Devan LaMere, and Laurie LaMere of Pinedale; Charmian McLellan of Boulder; Kay Meeks of Daniel; Holland Morelli of Cora; Debbie Despain, Debi Morley, Susan Nessan, Ruth Rawhouser, and Sharon Schell of Big Piney.

Once again, the local artists brought home bouquets of ribbon awards from a variety of art exhibit categories. They are as follows:

Laurie LaMere, Honorable Mention, "Golden Dreams"

Kay Meeks, second place, "Life Giving Water"

Kay Meeks, second place, "Boreal Scavenger"
Devan LaMere, Honorable Mention, "Brand Spankin' New"

Charmian McLellan, third place, "Little Grey Foxtrotter";
Ruth Rawhouser, Honorable Mention, "Squirrel Perch"

Charmian McLellan, first place, "A Time for Every Purpose"
Laurie LaMere, Honorable Mention, "Santa Clara"

Debbie Despain, third place, "Green Candy Bowl"

Sharon Schell, third place, "Rising Above"

Kay Meeks, Honorable Mention, "Under the Double Cabin"

Other Medium:
Devan LaMere, second place, "Harlequin Romance"
Laurie LaMere, Honorable Mention, "Mischievious"

Governor's Show:
Kay Meeks, third place, "With Spring All Around"

Devan LaMere's "Nuisance at Rest" and Charmian McLellan's "Idyll (String Lake)", and Kay Meeks's "Demonstration of Wyoming" were selected from the Congressional Show to be sent to Wyoming's Congressional offices in Washington, D. C., where they will be displayed for a year.

Ruth Rawhouser's oil painting, "Enduring Aspens", was selected "President's Choice".

Bear River resident Jody Gilmore's oil painting, "Long Ago", was tapped "Best of Show". It will be on display in the Wyoming Governor's office for a year, having received first place in that category. Also, Jody received "Artists' Choice" with her oil painting, "Rush Hour".

Evanston artist, Gisele Robinson, was named 2011's "Grand Wyoming Artist".

Former WAA Grand Wyoming Artist and president, Kay Meeks, accepted the nomination for WAA secretary. During the next three consecutive years, she will fill the offices of treasurer, vice president, and president, respectively. As president in 2015, she once again will host the WAA convention. This is her second time to serve the organization in this capacity.

Next year's convention will be held in Cheyenne.

Quick Draw photos by Laurie LaMere.

Pinedale Online > News > May 2011 > Sublette County artists attend state convention

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