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Pinedale Online > News > April 2011 > 2011 Spring Into Summer LocalFest at Pinedale Library on April 28th
2011 Spring Into Summer LocalFest at Pinedale Library on April 28th
‘FRESH," Sustainable Agriculture documentary April 28
by Maggie Palmer
April 11, 2011

The Sublette Local Food Alliance and UW Extension Office are proud to announce a local community screening of "FRESH", a new feature documentary film by Ana Sofia Joanes that celebrates the food architects around the country who are boldly reinventing our food system with sustainable agriculture initiatives.

"FRESH" will screen in Pinedale at the Sublette County Library on Thursday, April 28th at 6:00pm, starting with a Gala Reception featuring Local Food by Culinary Artist Christine Wylde and Local Jazz by Musical Artists Johnson & Stowe.

About the Film

"FRESH" is a reflection of a rising movement of people and communities across America who are re-inventing our food system. "FRESH" celebrates the food architects who offer a practical vision of a new food paradigm and consumer access to it. Encouraging individuals to take matters into their own hands, "FRESH" is a guide that empowers people to take an array of actions as energetic as planting urban gardens and creating warm composts from food waste, and as simple as buying locally-grown products and preserving or freezing seasonal produce to eat later in the year.

Throughout the film, we encounter the most inspiring people, ideas, and initiatives happening around the country right now. At the Growing Power urban farm in Milwaukee, Will Allen is turning three acres of industrial wasteland into a mecca of nutrition for his neighborhood. In Kansas City, we witness David Ball revitalize his community, turning the modern concept of the Supermarket on its head by stocking his Good Natured Family Farm stores with produce from a cooperative of local farmers. And, we journey to Joel Salatin's farm in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley to witness his methods for closing the nutrient cycle, allowing cows, chickens, pigs and natural grasses to flourish and produce without ever an ounce of chemical fertilizer or industrial animal feed.

"FRESH" tells the stories of real people, connecting audiences not with facts and figures or apocalyptic policy analysis, but with examples of personal initiative and concrete ways to engage in a new food model.

"FRESH" (2009, 72 mins.) Produced and Directed by Ana Sofia Joanes. Editor: Mona Davis. Director of Photography: Valery Lyman. Original Music: David Majzlin. U.S. English. Ripple Effect Productions. A Specialty Studios/ Ripple Effect Inc. release.

Pinedale Online > News > April 2011 > 2011 Spring Into Summer LocalFest at Pinedale Library on April 28th

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