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Pinedale Online > News > March 2011 > More financial data provided for the Pinedale Aquatic Center and SCSD#9 BOCES
More financial data provided for the Pinedale Aquatic Center and SCSD#9 BOCES
by Dawn Ballou, Pinedale Online!
Original post March 21, 2011 | Updated March 22, 2011

Editor's Update 3/22/11: We have updated this story and added responses to a couple more questions from the school districts asking about school finances.
Original post, 3/21/11:

Sublette County School District #1 provided additional financial data for the Pinedale Aquatic Center. Sublette County School District #9 provided a list of projects for SCSD#9 BOCES. See the links below for this information.

Because of some citizen comments, we asked both School Districts if any of their BOCES board members are paid. Both replied that none of their board members are paid. According to Sublette County Clerk, Mary Lankford, none of our county public boards have paid members (excluding elected officials). They are eligible for expenses, but few of their volunteer board members request payment for expenses.

PAC Budget 2010-2011 (10 page PDF)

Pinedale Aquatic Center General Fund Revenues and Expenditures 2007-2012, (PDF)

Pinedale Aquatic Center Fact Sheet (PDF)

SCSD#9 BOCES Projects for 2009-2010 (PDF)

Update 3/22/11:

Pinedale Online asked the Superintendents of both school districts if there has historically ever been any money "traded" between the two school districts through any kind of a "gentlemanís agreement" in an attempt to balance the disparity between the BOCES and Rec funding over the years since the 1970s?

Superintendent Gerry Chase (SCSD#9): "In the past, there have been no efforts to "balance" the disparity using BOCES and Rec funding. In 2004, a request was made by District 9 to adjust the boundaries for parity. That correspondence is attached. " (2004 exchange between SCSD #9 Superintendent Weldon Shelley and SCSD #1 Superintendent Dr. Charles Grove Ė letters)

Superintendent Jay Harnack (SCSD#1): "If I may, I would like to take a moment to respond to your question. It contains a misunderstanding that has been widely propagated throughout this entire discussion. No money has EVER been exchanged in an effort to balance the disparity between the BOCES and REC mill funding. The money exchanged in the 70ís was over educational resources. If you will reference the report from the County Assessorís Office under bullet item District 102, it states in reference to the creation of District 102 (and the 70ís exchange of money) that "Funding at that time was utilized solely for education and directly affected schools and students". That was not BOCES and REC mill money. Those mills were not in existence at that time. The report further references in the second bullet point that " BOCES and Recreation Mills are not the same as educational funding". It further states that "School funding has been equalized in the state of Wyoming". In essence, Sublette 9 is arguing that because the State of Wyoming and the WDE forced them to equalize educational resources at that time, we should share our BOCES and REC revenues now (which the County Assessorís Office clearly states are not educational dollars). This entire issue began with comments from The Big Piney board about the equalization of educational resources (reference a quote from Dr. Burnett in the 10/15/2010 Roundup that states, "The intended purpose of this meeting is to try to ensure the equitable distribution of county revenue for education". By their own definition, the state has already settled this issue by implementing the current formula which gives every district the same funding per student. "

Pinedale Online asked SCSD#1 how the salary for the director of the PAC compares to salaries for other employees at School District #1? Vern McAdams, Director of Business and Finance, responded that the school district administrators are paid more than the directors at the PAC. All of the principals, assistant principals, special education, curriculum directors, business manager and school superintendent are paid more than the PAC director. The PAC director is on the pay level of the directors for school lunch, transportation and maintenance personnel.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > March 2011 > More financial data provided for the Pinedale Aquatic Center and SCSD#9 BOCES

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