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Pinedale Online > News > May 2010 > Phone Service Outage Update
Pinedale Phone Service Outage Update
by Pinedale Online!
May 27, 2010

UPDATE THURSDAY, MAY 27, 10:00PM: Long distance phone service between Pinedale and Big Piney/Marbleton is still unavailable. Big Piney/Marbleton Sheriff's Office 911 service is still off-line. Use the temporary cell numbers listed below if you need emergency assistance during the landline phone service outage. Pinedale 911 service is operational.


EMERGENCY 911 PHONE SERVICE IS OUT IN BIG PINEY/MARBLETON. If you need help from the Sheriff's Office, call 307-749-2582 or 307-749-2580 using Union Wireless cell service.

Pinedale 911 is still working.

Local calls are still possible, however Pinedale customers cannot make long-distance phone calls to Big Piney. Other long-distance calls are working, depending on the routing. Try the call and see if it goes through to your destination.

The outage affects land lines and some internet service. Union Wireless cell phone service appears to still be operational.

We have not heard of problems of this outage affecting Verizon or AT&T cell service or internet service.

According to a CenturyLink repair technician, the outage is in a line between Marbleton and Daniel and appears to be at least 2,000 customers impacted. Technicians have been dispatched to try and locate the problem. There is no estimate for a repair time. If the problem is a cut fiber optic line, it could be hours before repairs are made.

Pinedale Online > News > May 2010 > Phone Service Outage Update

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