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Pinedale Online > News > January 2010 > Dig It! - Snowflakes
Dig It! - Snowflakes
by Sage & Snow Garden Club
January 6, 2010

They started slowly in the early morn
A few small flakes then were borne
Falling softly from a laden sky
Waving gently as they flutter by.

Two hours later I dared to look
And saw them landing in each little nook
Falling much faster and each so big
As they tumble to rest on every twig.

Later still the breeze begins
And every flake then start to spin
They wander and roam for many an hour
Until they fall and become a tower.

A mass of white that covers the ground
And much of it has formed a mound
In front of my garage doorway
So here today Iíll have to stay.

This poem was written by Jackie Sea, a longstanding member of the Sage and Snow Garden Club. We hope that you are enjoying the winter season and wish to invite everyone to the next Sage and Snow Garden Club meeting February 16, 2010 (11:30AM for social time, noon for the meeting) in the Cooperative Extension Service Office at 621 South Pine, Pinedale. Contact the Garden Club at Box 2280, Pinedale, WY, 82941, at or call 859-8606. To find out more about the Garden Club, go to and click on the link under "clubs".

Pinedale Online > News > January 2010 > Dig It! - Snowflakes

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