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Snowmobiling Wyoming
Continental Divide Trail | Wyoming Range Trails

Snowmobiling Wyoming. Photo courtesy Dave Bell.
Donner Bell 'bustin loose'. Photo courtesy Dave Bell.

Snowmobiling season typically runs from mid-December until April. The Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail goes right through Pinedale, where complete services from lodging, dining, repairs and fuel are available. The Wind River Mountains have an extensive trail system with more than 250 miles of groomed and marked trails. The Upper Green River Area is a popular riding area with uncrowded trails and beautiful scenery. Because of the high location on the Continental Divide, sometimes more than 13,000 feet, snow depths range from 5 -10 feet. The Wyoming Range has more than 330 miles of groomed snowmobile trails and thousands of acres of off-trail riding areas. Snowmachine and trailer rentals are available in Pinedale.

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Local Snowmobile Club
The Pinedale Snow Explorers schedule several annual events, including the Membership Meeting in November, the One Lunger Snowmachine Race at the Cora Track in February, a steak-fry get-together with the Dubois Sno-Katers, and a spring Ladies' Ride.

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Snowmobiling season runs from early December through mid April. The lakes generally are frozen by Christmas. January through mid-April is generally considered to be the best time. Temperatures at this time of year usually range from lows near zero to daytime highs in the mid twenties. Most days are sunny. The terrain is quite variable, ranging from flat to gently rolling sagebrush prairie to very rugged forested mountains. The elevation in Pinedale is 7,175', but many trails are over 10,000'. Snowmobiles and equipment can be rented in town, and the local outfitters offer many different guided trips. Visit the Chamber of Commerce web site and Membership Directory and our Business page for local businesses offering these services and lodging information.

The Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail
Pinedale is a major access point on the Wyoming Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail, a system incorporating private, state, National Forest and Continental Divide Trail in the Upper Green. Photo by Pinedale Online.Bureau of Land Management lands. This unique and extensive trail system provides more than 400 miles of continuous riding from south Pass to Yellowstone National Park. The trails provide access to the towns of Lander, Dubois and Jackson, as well as to Pinedale, where you can ride your machine directly to lodging and restaurants. The Wyoming Mountain Range also offers spectacular riding and wildlife viewing. Just 20 miles from Big Piney, the trail system includes North Piney Lake and Cottonwood.

CDT- Lander to Pinedale
This portion of the Trail is approximately 102 miles long and passes through a variety of terrain. You'll see high mountains with scenic views and visibilities up to 150 miles at times. Dense forest trails with snow-covered trees take riders from one huge open play area to another with 6-8 feet of snow depth. The longest stretch between fuel stops is from the Lander trailheads to Boulder, Wyoming, a distance of about 90 miles. It is another 12 miles to Pinedale from Boulder along the Hwy 191 right of way. Low snow conditions are possible in this stretch. Snowmobiling is allowed in Pinedale with the restriction that you can cross Pine Street (Hwy 191) but cannot ride down this street. Snowmachines are allowed on the other town streets in the driving lane and must obey the same laws as other motorized vehicles. The snowmachines must driven by a licensed driver wearing a helmet, and the snowmachine must be registered and stickered.) All services, gas, food, lodging, rentals and guides, can be found in Pinedale.

CDT- From Pinedale north
From Pinedale north to the Upper Green River Trailhead, about 30 miles, the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail runs along the highway right-of-way. This is some of the most scenic country in the West. There are miles of open country with mountains in view everywhere. The snow in the higher elevations can be 6 - 8 feet deep. Services can be found in Pinedale and close to the Upper Green River Trailhead. The Pinedale area includes 185 miles of the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail system. Click here for a closer view of a map showing the Upper Green River trail system. The Green River Guest Ranch/The Place is OPEN on the Continental Divide Trail between Pinedale and Union Pass. Restaurant, cabin rentals and other services for snowmobilers are available!

CDT- Dubois area
The Dubois area boasts scenic riding along the 127 miles of of the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail system and thousands of acres of off-trail riding. Snow conditions are good with a snow depth of from 1 - 10 feet, and this area has one of the longest seasons. All services can be found in Dubois, including gas, food, lodging, rentals, and guides.

CDT- Gros Ventre area
This area has approximately 70 miles of groomed trail and is located just east of the Tetons. There is easy access to the Togwotee, Dubois and Pinedale areas from Jackson. Parking is located at Lower Slide Lake, about 20 miles from Jackson. Snowmobiling is restricted to the trail in most places because this is a very sensitive wildlife area. Snowmobilers are asked to note and obey restrictions as posted on the trail. This stretch has spectacular views of the Tetons and the possibility of seeing elk, moose, deer, mountain sheep, coyotes and bobcats. The lower end of the trail can experience low snow conditions. At higher elevations it can reach 5 feet.

Boondocking in the Wyoming Range. Photo courtesy Bucky's Outdoors.Wyoming Range Trails

Some of the world's most scenic snowmobiling goes on right here within the Wind River and Wyoming Mountain Ranges. You can leave right from town and explore the area's vast trail network, or trailer your machine to the Horse Creek, Irish Canyon, Green River, Big Piney, Big Sandy or Cottonwood Creek areas for miles of open riding. These groomed trails around the Upper Green River make up one of the most popular systems. This network lets you travel all the way to Jackson and Dubois. You can explore snow-covered meadows, play on the hills along the way, and watch the wildlife! The Wyoming Range also offers over 330 miles of groomed and ungroomed marked trails that connect Alpine to Afton to 15 miles north of LaBarge and Kemmerer. Miles of open powder are also available.

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Continental Divide 
Trail Map

Continental Divide Trail Map
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Southwest Wyoming/Wyoming Range Trail Map
Wyoming Range Snowmobile Trail Map
(click for larger version)

Groomed snowmachine trails. Photo courtesy Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

Groomed snowmachine trails in the Wyoming Range. Photo by Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

Snowmobiling at the base of Mt. McDougal in the Wyoming Range. Photo courtesy Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

Trails near Mt. McDougal in the Wyoming Range. Photo by Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

Wyoming Range riding areas. Photo courtesy Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

Trail and off-trail riding areas in the Wyoming Range. Photo by Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

Blind Bull Warming Hut. Photo by Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

The Blind Bull Warming Hut in the Wyoming Range. Photo by Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

Wyoming Range snowmobiling. Photo by Triple Peak
Scenic sledding in the Wyoming Range near Triple Peak. Photo courtesy Triple Peak Lodge.

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User Fee Information

A resident and nonresident snowmobile user fees is required by Wyoming State Law. These annual user fee revenues are used by the Snowmobile Trails Fund for trail grooming and maintenance. Proof Photo by Pinedale Online.of payment of the fee is in the form of a decal which must be displayed on the exterior of the snow machine.

Decals are available from licensed permit selling agents across the State including the Wyoming State Parks & Historic Sites headquarters in Cheyenne, local snowmobile clubs, most licensed snowmachine dealers, and County Treasurer's offices. To phone in-state, call: 307-777-3680. For out-of-state, call toll-free: 1-800-287-4079. Order snowmobile trail maps and decals by mail or phone order (add $3 for shipping and handling for each permit) from the Wyoming Snowmobile Permit Agency, One Unicover Center, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82008-0001. Major credit cards accepted. 

Pinedale & Big Piney Area Permit Selling Agents:
Bucky's Outdoors, 146 S. Lincoln, Pinedale, 307-367-4561

Country Lane Groceries & Gas, 1168 Hwy 191, Pinedale, 307-367-6354

Performance Tech, 240 E Pine, Pinedale, 307-367-6644

Daniel Junction, 11072 US Hwy 191/189, Daniel Junction, 307-859-8274

Sublette County Treasurer, Courthouse, Pinedale, 307-367-4373

The Sno-Palace, 123 Main, Marbleton/Big Piney, 307-276-5272

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Pinedale Snow Explorers Snowmobile Club
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Regional Snowmobile Clubs:
Dubois Sno-Katers, PO Box 1064, Dubois, WY 82513, 307-455-3719 (Johanna Thompson)
Jackson Hole Snow Devils: PO Box 4276, Jackson, WY 83001, 307-734-9653 (Heidi Tobin) mail@snowdevils.org, snowdevils.org
Lander Snowdrifters: PO Box 281, Lander, WY 82520, 307-355-7156 (Cal Anacker)
Lincoln County Snowbears: Shauna Ridgeway, ww_ridgeway@yahoo.com
Riverton Sno-Goers: PO Box 305, Riverton, WY 82501, 307-459-4640, wyocowgirl@hotmail.com (Michelle Buzalsky)
Sweetwater Snowpokes: PO Box 1731, Rock Springs, WY 82902, snowpokes@yahoo.com (Taylor Jones)
Top of the Rockies, PO Box 3386, Alpine,W Y 83128, tyandmitzi@silverstar.com, alpinetopotherockies.com

North Cottonwood Creek in the Wyoming Range. Photo courtesy Triple Peak Guest Ranch.

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